How to Change Your Age on Tinder in 2022

Change Your Age on Tinder: One of the most well-known apps for online dating, Tinder has established itself.

Based on their age groupings, locations, and hobbies, it matches all of its users.

However, incorrect information on Tinder can occasionally mislead users.

Some people have a tendency to purposefully enter their age incorrectly since they are unaware of how to update it.

If you want to alter your age or name on Tinder…

You might believe that the only choice is to register a new account.

That is not true.

This post will explain how to update your Tinder profile’s age without creating a new account.

Can you alter your Tinder age?

How to Change Your Age on Tinder in 2022

You cannot modify your age after creating your Tinder account by pressing LOG IN WITH PHONE NUMBER. When you provide your date of birth during the account creation process, that is the only time you have the option to change your age. After that, the age personalization choices are no longer available.

Tinder will link up with your Facebook account if you create your account using the LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK option. Your Facebook information is mirrored on Tinder, so updating it there will also update it on Tinder.

How Can You Modify Your Tinder Age?

Depending on how you registered on Tinder, you have a variety of options for changing your age. You can test this by logging out and then attempting to get back into your profile if you can’t recall how you signed up. Your Tinder account is collecting your name and age information from Facebook if you were able to log in again with Facebook.

How to Update Your Tinder Age [Connected to Facebook]

Tinder will import all the necessary information from Facebook when you sign up using Facebook. Therefore, updating your Facebook account’s age will automatically update your Tinder profile.

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1. Log into the Facebook account associated with the Tinder app at

2. Visit your Facebook profile page and click the About link next to your profile cover photo.

3. On the left pane, select the Contact and basic information menu.

4. Click the edit icon next to your birthdate.

5. Once the birthday is updated with the right date, click the Save button.

The age on your Tinder profile will update automatically within a day in accordance with the selected birth date.

How to Update Your Age on Tinder [Linked with Phone Number] Without Facebook

If you have linked your Tinder age to your phone number, there is no way to modify it. The only option in that case is to deactivate your Tinder account and open a new one.

1. Open the Tinder application.

Go to your profile by using the 2.

3. Select Setting.

4. After scrolling down, click Delete Account.

5. Tap Delete Account to confirm. Next, decide why you wish to deactivate or otherwise remove your Tinder account.

6. Press Delete and Submit Feedback. To confirm, tap Delete My Account one last time.

7. Once you’ve completed this, you can open a new Tinder account or register an existing one with the appropriate age.

How To Use Tinder To Hide Your Age

How to Change Your Age on Tinder in 2022

If you have a membership to Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus, you can hide your age on the dating app. If you simply have a free account, you cannot conceal your age.

And If you pay for a premium Tinder subscription, you will also get access to additional services like Tinder Rewind, 1 free Boost per month, 5 Super Likes per day, No Ads, Tinder Passport, etc.

These are the measures you can do if you’re a subscription to disguise your age on Tinder:

Launch the app, then select Edit details from the profile settings.
Delete Your Profile can be found by scrolling down.
Turn the “Don’t Show My Age” switch on.

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