Twitch Recap 2022 Released: How To Check Yours?

Twitch Recap 2022 Released: Twitch viewers and streamers can have a peek of their experience on Twitch this year as 2022 draws to a close. Statistics about how long users spent on the site, who they watched the most, and their favourite categories are provided in the yearly Twitch recap. When players go to the website, they should ideally be able to see their Twitch recap for 2022. You may access your Twitch recap using the bar at the bottom of the screen. If not, follow these instructions to view your 2022 Twitch recap.

Twitch Recap 2022: What is it?

Twitch Recap 2022 Released

Twitch Recap is an annual event hosted by the live-streaming website owned by Amazon. Viewers can check their individual data and channel numbers from 2022 thanks to the annual recap feature. Numerous indicators are included, including the number of hours watched, the categories seen, the channel points collected, and the chat messages submitted.

In order to provide information about how the broadcasters’ favourite platform spent the year and how engaging the users were, Twitch also revealed community-wide statistics this year. Several unexpected Twitch facts and numbers are revealed by the highly participatory experience.

What time will the 2022 Twitch Recap be available?

From now until the middle of January 2023, Twitch’s Recap 2022 will be accessible on the website. It is divided into two sections that include hours watched, categories seen, top emotes, and other social activities for both the community and the individual viewer.

How to Access Your 2022 Twitch Recap?

Your Twitch Recap for 2022 is accessible and viewable on any platform, including your computer, smartphone, smart TV, and even game console. This year, Twitch has created a special web page where users can watch the yearly summary.

Up until last year, Twitch distributed the annual recaps via emails. There won’t be any emails this time, though. Use the steps below to check your Twitch Recap 2022:

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Click this link to view your Twitch Recap 2022 in a new tab.
Once there, log into your account on Twitch.
Go to the “Viewer” tab on the Recap page.

Last but not least, select “Show Me” to view your Twitch Recap.

I’m done now. Additionally, you may examine the highlights of the purple platform’s overall community by going to the Community tab.

Twitch Recap 2022: The Internet Is Taken Over

The Twitch Recap 2022 is now trending on the Internet due to its fascinating insights, statistics, and data. The streaming industry has seen a number of events this year, as revealed in a little video that Twitch itself posted on Twitter.

Games like Elder Ring and shoppingmode were in charge in 2022.

As IRL streamers were acting up in public, I was playing Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0. We also can’t forget about Kai Cenat reaching 100,000 subscribers and the first Drag Showcases.

With Twitch reaching new heights every day and the game business expanding quickly, the upcoming year will probably be even better. However, for many of us on Twitch, 2022 will be a special year.

Link to Twitch Recap 2022

To get your recap, click the link in the tweet ( Community and viewer are the two tabs at the top of the website. The summary for Twitch as a whole will be shown in the community option. Your own yearly recap will be available to you through the viewer option. Make sure to select the viewer option if you want to see your personal statistics for 2022, including your hours viewed, days watched, channel points earned, and favourite streamers.

You shouldn’t need to do anything else to read your Twitch recap from 2022. This year, it doesn’t appear like Twitch is emailing out recaps; instead, it appears that users can access their summary by going to the platform’s given website.

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You can also go to the Twitch homepage if, for some reason, the exact recap link doesn’t work for you. The phrase “The Twitch Recap is here!” should appear in a pop-up window at the bottom. See and discuss all we accomplished as a team in 2022. You should be directed to the recap page after clicking the “Show Me” button on the right side.

What other sources are there for Twitch statistics?

Twitch Recap 2022 Released

Charts for streams Streamers can access sophisticated statistics using Twitch Recap, but platform users can also access their year results. You may access the official Twitch Recap from the platform here (for both streamers and watchers). You’ll have usage of

Watched hours, favourite streamers, favourite genres,
The quantity of transmissions
Total number of fans, subscribers, and followers
the most popular category,
peak audience,
Number of chat messages sent overall during your show.

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