How to Stop Someone From Tracking Your Phone?

Stop Someone From Tracking: Companies, advertisers, and snoops can learn a lot about you if your phone is tracked, including your search history, call and text history, and other data. However, you need not be concerned about your private information being tracked if you know how to hide your phone from tracking. Learn how to detect phone tracking and how a VPN can stop it in the following paragraphs.

1. Disable location services

How to Stop Someone From Tracking Your Phone?

One of the most frequent Google searches demonstrates how hackers can track a person’s whereabouts covertly. Make sure to do this if you don’t want to become a victim. Turning off location services is one of the simplest ways to block someone from tracking your phone. This will stop websites and apps from accessing your location. Follow these steps to disable location services on an iPhone:

Launch the Settings app.
Select Privacy.
On Location Services, click
Toggle the switch to the left to disable location services.

The procedure is a little different on an Android device; adhere to these steps:

Launch the Settings programme.
Simply click Security & Location.
Select Location.
Toggle the location by tapping the toggle switch.

2. Play With Operating System Preferences

By adjusting OS-based settings, people who are extremely concerned about app-based tracking can frequently stop it. People can choose to block monitoring for all apps or specific ones in recent iterations of Apple’s iOS.

The Privacy Sandbox is a comparable feature for Android that Google recently unveiled. It will restrict the personal information that is disclosed to outside parties and prevent persistent monitoring across apps.

3. Employ a private browser

Google Chrome and Firefox, two well-known web browsers, use your location to do a variety of things, from target adverts to personalise search results. This means that the browser is continually recording your location and other personal information, which may be useful if you’re looking for restaurants or activities nearby.

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You can either switch to a private browser or disable location tracking in your browser’s privacy settings to help prevent this. You can browse the internet using private search engines like DuckDuckGo and MetaGer without worrying about your IP address, location, or search history being recorded. This lessens the chance that hackers may use your online activities to get your location or other sensitive data.

4. Set a SIM Card Lock

Through the SIM card, even a dumb phone (i.e., one that is not a smartphone) can track you. For you to receive calls and send SMS texts, SIM cards connect to neighbouring signal towers, but that signal can also be used to determine your location. Additionally, without ever having physical access to your phone, cybercriminals can hack your SIM card. Although everything seems horrible, what can you do?

Take precautions to prevent unauthorised access to your SIM card. Just make sure you are familiar with the PIN number your provider gave you first. If not, you’ll be preventing others from using the service.

5. Do not use public WiFi

Free Wi-Fi is popular, but did you realise it’s also one of the simplest ways for someone to hijack your phone? Every piece of information you send over the air when you join to a public Wi-Fi network is sent in clear text.

As a result, your data can be simply intercepted and read by anyone with a little knowledge. It’s advisable to stay away from public Wi-Fi and use your own data instead, or to wait until you’re in a more secure area, if you’re worried about someone tracking your phone. By doing this, it will be impossible for hackers to track a phone number without the target’s knowledge.

6. Activate Airplane Mode

How to Stop Someone From Tracking Your Phone?

If you think someone is tracking your device using your internet activities, you can turn your phone into aeroplane mode. By doing this, you can stop some online services from accessing your location and unplug your phone from cellular networks. However, while your smartphone is in aeroplane mode, you won’t be able to access the internet or utilise essential features like calling and messaging, so you’ll probably need to hunt for a more long-term solution.

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7. Apply a VPN

One of the greatest ways to stop hackers, businesses, and advertising from getting your IP address and precise location is by using a trustworthy VPN.

Your data is encrypted and your web traffic is redirected through an external server as part of a VPN’s operation. Your activity would be traced back to one of several VPN servers rather than your actual router if a third party wanted to see where it came from. This guarantees the privacy of your connection and stops hackers from viewing your location, IP address, or online behaviour.

The last word

These are the techniques to use to disable your GPS location on iOS and Android if you want to prevent Google from tracking your location. This is a step you should take if you believe you are being tracked for malicious purposes since you need to always feel safe. Although the information can potentially be utilised for good, you should proceed with caution. The best way is to use an iOS spoofing programme or to turn on the GPS only when you need it and switch it off when you don’t.

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