Who is Pain in Naruto? All You Need to Know

There are quite a few causes for the recognition of the Naruto anime sequence, and certainly one of them will definitely need to be the existence of Ache in Naruto. Regardless of being an adversary, Ache’s character was an enormous hit with the followers. The soulful Girei (Ache’s Theme Music) instantly performs in our minds at any time when we hear his identify. Although he’s a villain and the founding father of the notorious Akatsuki, Ache will at all times be remembered as one of many anime’s most iconic characters. Nevertheless, be it newbies or seasoned followers, you would possibly want a recap about his life and powers. So on this article, we are going to discover the character of Ache, his background, talents, and function within the story of Naruto.

Ache in Naruto: Every part You Must Know

Spoiler Warning: This text accommodates spoilers in regards to the character Ache from Naruto. We advise you watch the anime and browse the manga first to keep away from ruining your expertise.

What Is Ache’s True Identification in Naruto

In case you have watched Naruto Shippuden already, you’ll know Ache was an alias for Nagato, who belonged to the Uzumaki Clan. Behind the six paths of Ache, there was only one man all alongside, and his actual id was “Nagato Uzumaki.” After sure soul-crushing life occasions, he picked up the alias of Ache and fashioned the notorious Akatsuki. He was one of many primary villains within the anime sequence.

What led to this, you ask? We have now damaged down the occasions that reworked an harmless Nagato into the ruthless and menacing Ache from Akatsuki. That mentioned, let’s recap the story of Ache within the subsequent part.

The Life Story of Ache in Naruto

An image of Pain in Naruto.
  • Actual Title: Nagato Uzumaki
  • Alias: Ache
  • Clan: Uzumaki
  • Rank: S-rank
  • Kekkei Genkai: Rinnegan
  • Position: Chief of Akatsuki
  • Chakra Natures: Fireplace Launch, Wind Launch, Lightning Launch, Earth Launch, Water Launch, and Yang Launch

“I Need You To Really feel Ache, To Suppose About Ache, To Settle for Ache, To Know Ache”


Nagato was born on the outskirts of Amegakure to Ise (father) and Fusō (mom). He was a descendant of the Uzumaki clan, identical to our protagonist Naruto. Madara Uchiha covertly transferred his Rinnegan to Nagato whereas he was a baby with out his or his mum or dad’s information. That’s how Nagato acquired the good Rinnegan energy at such a younger age. He lived along with his dad and mom till being compelled to take shelter elsewhere in the course of the Second Shinobi World Struggle for survival.

Tragic Previous

An image of Nagato in Naruto.

Throughout the Second Shinobi World Struggle, two shinobi from Konoha broke into Nagato’s home seeking meals. Nagato’s dad and mom began to panic and determined to assault the shinobis to save lots of their son and assist him escape. However issues didn’t go as deliberate, as the shinobis killed Nagoto’s dad and mom in self-defense.

They realized their mistake as they’d killed civilians and tried to apologize to Nagato. However he misplaced management at that second and woke up his Rinnegan, killing each the shinobi consequently. This poor child needed to bury his personal dad and mom amidst a war-torn world. That is the second that tipped the size of Nagato’s ethical rules and made him query himself.


An image of Yahiko, Konan and Nagato in Naruto.

Now that he was utterly alone by himself, he collapsed and fainted because of starvation in the midst of nowhere. However fortunately, two fellow conflict orphans named Konan and Yahiko discovered Nagato and helped him. Yahiko and Konan befriend Nagato, and this trio began on the lookout for meals for his or her survival. Lastly, after the tragic incident in his life, Nagato earned much-needed peace along with his new pals.

Cross Paths with Legendary Sannins

An image of the Legendary Sannins in Naruto.

In the future, this trio of conflict orphans crossed paths with the legendary Sannins — Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru. Whereas Orochimaru requested, “Shall I kill these kids to place them out of their distress”, Jiraiya took them below his wing. At first, he discovered the trio shelter and taught them the mandatory and fundamental expertise of survival.

However issues went south when some shinobis attacked Yahiko with the intention to steal his meals. At that second, we see Nagato go berserk once more and kill the shinobis who ambushed them. That was when Jiraiya seen the almighty Rinnegan within the eyes of Nagato.

Coaching Interval

An image of Yahiko, Konan and Nagato in Naruto.

After Jiraiya came upon the true energy of Nagato, he ultimately agreed to coach the trio (he had rejected their request earlier). Jiraiya believed that Nagato was the true reincarnation of the Sage of Six Paths, and that at some point, he would obtain peace the world over. Thus, he educated them for the following three years, and Nagato (aka Ache) stunned everybody by mastering Ninjutsu in a brief interval (because of his Rinnegan) within the Naruto anime sequence.

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When this trio battled towards a shadow clone of Jiraiya, they emerged victorious, and Jiraiya declared they’d gotten stronger. After which, he talked about there was nothing extra left to study. In consequence, he determined to return to Konoha and bid them farewell. He wished them to deliver the true peace they desired to their residence nation. It is extremely vital to notice that Jiraiya taught them the ethical rules one ought to comply with to develop into a better particular person in life. Jiraiya entrusted Nagato to realize world peace. This occasion performed a significant function in shaping the lives of this trio.

Formation of Akatsuki

An image of Yahiko, Konan and Nagato in Naruto.

Proper after Jiraiya left, the conflict orphan trio began a corporation referred to as the Akatsuki and introduced Yahiko as its official chief. Their first purpose was to place a cease to the endless conflict in Amegakure. Quickly their actions began to sound loud and attracted many individuals to their group.

Properly, very quickly, Akatsuki grew to become a robust group that cumulated lots of followers. As their reputation skyrocketed, even Jiraiya began listening to information about how this trio was making a change on this planet. Throughout this time, Obito Uchiha and White Zetsu paid a go to to their group. Obito introduced himself as Madara Uchiha and volunteered to help Akatsuki and Nagato in unleashing the total energy of Rinnegan. Yahiko outright refused the provide because it sounded suspicious, and he was sure that Nagato’s energy could be exploited.

One other Tragedy Strikes

An image of Yahiko and Hanzo in Naruto.

As beforehand acknowledged, Akatsuki’s fame had unfold to each nook and cranny. In consequence, Hanzō of the Salamander (the chief of Amegakure village) perceived them as a hazard to his reign. So he determined to deceive them by proposing an alliance to barter with the opposite villages and cease the conflict. Since this aligned with their purpose, the trio agreed to his provide and organized a gathering between the villages. However they have been entrapped by Hanzō and Danzo’s males (he lent his help to Hanzō) on the assembly place.

Hanzō captured and held Konan as a hostage, threatening to kill her if Nagato didn’t kill Yahiko. Nagato was utterly shaken up and sensed that each one the issues they’d achieved to this point have been beginning to fall off. And yet one more tragedy struck him when Yahiko compelled himself into Nagato’s kunai knife, which ended up killing him.

Throughout his final moments, Yahiko entrusted the hunt for peace to Nagato, as Jiraiya did earlier. This occasion blew up the ticking bomb inside Nagato, and he utterly misplaced management over his talents. He used his Rinnegan and summoned the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path and destroyed everybody round him. Hanzō fortunately escaped, and Nagato rescued Konan safely. Nevertheless, his legs have been obliterated by Hanzō ‘s assaults, leading to him being immobilized.

Yahiko’s Loss of life

An image of Yahiko and Nagato in Naruto.

Undoubtedly, Yahiko’s demise led to the start of Ache within the Naruto anime sequence. After the aforementioned occasions, Nagato ended his ties with the village by hanging a line on his headband. His greatest pal’s demise made him query his objectives and philosophies for reaching everlasting peace in a war-torn world. Finally, he got here to the conclusion that the world would by no means cease the countless cycle of hatred and demise. And he determined that peace can solely be achieved by means of mass destruction – by waging conflict and making folks expertise loss.

Thus, to make everybody witness true ache, he took the alias of Ache. Because of his crippled physique, he made the Six Paths of Ache from six useless our bodies, together with Yahiko’s. He used Yahiko’s physique for the Deva Path to guide this pack of six members. Subsequently, Ache was born after the demise of his beloved pal.

Akatuski 2.0

An image of the Six Paths of Pain in Naruto.

Since Nagato and the group’s objectives had reversed after Yahiko’s demise, Nagato gladly accepted Obito’s provide and fashioned Akatsuki 2.0, which we noticed within the anime. Their purpose was to gather the tailed beasts and unleash them everywhere in the world to deliver mammoth-level destruction. In an effort to obtain their long-term purpose and gather funds, they grew to become a gaggle of mercenaries and provided their providers to different ninja villages within the meantime.

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Turning into a God

An image of Pain in Naruto.

Hanzō was as soon as a hero within the eyes of Nagato. However Ache determined to go towards him after Hanzō betrayed him and brought on the demise of Yahiko. The favored catchphrase – “By no means meet your heroes” grew to become actual right here, isn’t it? He and Konan began a civil conflict to overthrow Hanzō and succeeded on this endeavor.

Nagato killed Hanzō and all of the folks associated to him to make a press release. His fellow villagers noticed these actions and regarded him to be a god. He took management of the Amegakure village, and in doing, so he actually grew to become a god to his folks.

Betraying his Sensei

An image of Jiraiya in Naruto.

Nagato acquired higher at using the Six Paths of Ache in Naruto and led the Akatsuki very effectively. They managed to recruit highly effective people and went on to develop into a infamous group. They began gathering the tailed beasts, which alerted all of the nations round. In consequence, Jiraiya infiltrated the Amegakure village to research them and gather intel. However unluckily, he acquired caught red-handed by Ache and was compelled to battle towards powerful foes.

Jiraiya acknowledged Rinnegan in the entire Six Paths of Ache, however he couldn’t work out the our bodies. He actually assumed that Nagato was the one pulling the strings behind the scenes. He couldn’t consider that the Nagato he as soon as knew strayed away from the precise path and spiraled towards darkness. Jiraiya was significantly dissatisfied as he believed Nagato was a reincarnation of the Sage of Six Paths. And after an intense battle, Nagato used his Six Paths and killed his personal sensei. Nagato didn’t hesitate in killing his sensei, which clearly demonstrated the trail he had accepted.

Who Killed Ache in Naruto Shippuden

An image of Nagato in Naruto.

After he killed Jiraiya, Nagato visited the Leaf village to steal the nine-tail fox from Naruto. He ultimately destroyed the village, together with all of its residents, along with his final energy transfer Shinra Tensei. This spun a sequence of occasions and orchestrated a legendary battle between the two kids of prophecies — Naruto and Ache. The struggle resulted in Naruto obliterating the Six Paths of Ache, tracing again the chakra to Nagato’s unique location. That’s when Nagato revealed his tragic backstory, and Naruto understood how the endless cycle of demise and hatred gave start to Ache.

Naruto made the choice to not kill Nagato and adopted the honorable path taught to him by Jiraiya sensei. This, along with Naruto’s Discuss no Jutsu, coated Nagato’s coronary heart. So he determined to entrust the pursuit of peace to Naruto. Nagato used the Outer Path — Samsara of Heavenly Life Approach to sacrifice his personal life and resurrect all of the victims he slaughtered throughout his storming invasion of Konoha. Thus, he killed himself on this course of.

Ache in Naruto: Powers and Skills

Don’t let the looks of Nagato idiot you, as he was probably the most highly effective characters within the Naruto anime sequence. That mentioned, let’s check out Ache’s varied powers and talents.


An image of Pain in Naruto.

As a descendant of the famend Uzumaki clan, like Naruto, Ache had huge quantities of chakra generated inside him. His chakra was additional amplified by his Rinnegan. Thus, he had an plain quantity of chakra reserves inside him. With such huge quantities of chakra power, he might carry out a number of the most chakra-demanding Jutsus with out breaking a sweat. That’s how he might carry out devastating assaults like Shinra Tensei, Chibaku Tensei, and so forth in the course of the Ache arc in Naruto. It’s probably the most lovely and painful arcs within the anime sequence, versus the filler episodes in Naruto Shippuden.

Additionally, it’s vital to say that Ache had exact management over his chakra and its frequency, such that he might change the frequency to hide his presence from shinobis. Nagato positive mastered the artwork of chakra management, didn’t he?


An image of Pain in Naruto.

As talked about earlier, Ninjutsu was taught to Ache by Jiraiya sensei within the Naruto anime sequence. As somebody who possessed Rinnegan, he was in a position to grasp all types of nature transformation — even Yang launch, which is tough to study. To suppose that he achieved this feat when he was only a mere child amazed the followers. Aside from this, all through the present, he carried out varied Jutsus like:

  • Ukojizai no Jutsu (Rain Tiger at Will Approach), which allowed him to create an countless rainfall over Amegakure and analyze the folks dwelling/ transferring inside this space utilizing his chakra.
  • Gentōshin no Jutsu (Magic Lantern Physique Approach) allowed him to take part in Akatsuki conferences in a hologram-esque kind.
  • Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Approach), utilizing which he was in a position to create shadow clones of himself, the Six Paths of Ache in addition to the summoned creatures.
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Six Paths of Ache

An image of the Six Paths of Pain in Naruto.

Utilizing the powers of Rinnegan, Ache gathered 5 unknown shinobi our bodies (whom Jiraiya have met) together with Yahiko’s physique to create the Six Paths of Ache in Naruto. He managed the our bodies like puppets from afar and acted like a puppeteer as he was immobilized endlessly. Every of them was acknowledged as a deva, specifically Deva Path, Asura Path, Human Path, Animal Path, Naraka Path, and Preta Path.

Theoretically, the six devas might carry out all of the Ninjutsu that Nagato can pull off. However every of them was given a singular energy to hold out mass destruction. Thus, you’ll be able to think about these devas to be an extension of Nagato. The required issues to kind the Six Paths of Ache are:

  • Receivers within the type of black rods ought to be positioned inside the entire useless our bodies (which have been seen as nostril piercings) to manage them remotely, like his personal extension.
  • He might management the Six Paths even once they have been at an extended distance. However, for many of the chakra-challenging Jutsus, Nagato needed to be close to the Six Paths.
  • He might cease the movement of chakra to the useless our bodies as per his want and deal with one to carry out chakra-demanding strategies.

Every of the Six Paths of Ache was given a particular energy (besides Deva as he can carry out varied strategies) in Naruto. They’re as follows:

  • Deva Path: Primarily gravitational powers, however he carried out varied Jutsus.
  • Asura Path: Performs completely different types of mechanization.
  • Animal Path: Performs summoning of untamed animals.
  • Preta Path: Performs absorption of limitless substances.
  • Human Path: Absolute management over the souls of different folks.
  • Naraka Path: Granted entry to the King of Hell.

Aside from them, Nagato might summon the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path and produce again useless folks to life utilizing the Samsara of Heavenly Life Approach.


An image of Nagato in Naruto.

Although he wasn’t born with Rinnegan, Nagato was in a position to obtain lots of issues in his life with the Rinnegan bestowed on him by Madara. One may even say that Rinnegan was the spine of all his powers and talents. As he was a member of the Uzumaki clan, he might make the most of the total potential of the Rinnegan with none flaws. Thus, he earned the title “Third Six Paths” because of his incredible use of Rinnegan.

Incessantly Requested Questions

Why is Nagato referred to as Ache?

Nagato declared to inflict final ache on everybody all over the world to make them want true peace. Therefore, he took over the alias “Ache”. It’s symbolic and metaphorical to outline his character within the present.

Is Ache an Uzumaki?

Yeah, it’s confirmed that Ache aka Nagato can be a descendant of the Uzumaki clan, identical to Naruto. Subsequently, you’ll be able to think about Naruto and Nagato to be distant family.

Who’re the 6 pains?

The Six Paths of Ache are as follows: Deva Path, Asura Path, Human Path, Animal Path, Naraka Path, and Preta Path. He took the our bodies of Yahiko and 5 different unknown shinobis to create them. The deva path is created from his pal Yahiko’s physique as Nagato wished him to guide the group once more even after his demise.

Nagato Uzumaki aka Ache in Naruto Anime

And that’s a wrap for our detailed information about Ache, aka Nagato, his life, and his talents. We hope you now perceive the tragic story that made Nagato flip into the final word villain that’s Ache. He is likely one of the most intriguing and sophisticated characters within the anime. Additionally, he was a baby of prophecy — much like Naruto, and each acquired their life teachings from the identical sensei. However the course of his life modified, main him to develop into the exact opposite of who he was and attain peace by way of mass destruction. Nonetheless, to today, Nagato is taken into account a fan favourite by many the world over. That mentioned, what’s your favourite second or quote from Ache? Tell us within the feedback beneath.

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