Secret Invasion Episode 4 Big Reveal: Rhodey is a Skrull

Marvel’s Secret Invasion shocked the viewers with an enormous reveal in episode 4 that streamed on Disney Plus this week. One of many largest twists this sequence threw on the viewers was revealing that James Rhodes, extra popularly often called “Rhodey” is a Skrull. If you happen to comply with the MCU, you have to be questioning how “Warfare Machine” being a Skrull will have an effect on the upcoming MCU films. Let’s discover out all we got here to learn about Rhodey within the fourth episode of Secret Invasion and the long run results of our findings.

Spoiler Alert: This text incorporates spoilers for Secret Invasion (as much as Episode 4).

Secret Invasion: Rhodey Is a Skrull

The fourth episode of Secret Invasion gave us some fairly attention-grabbing cliffhangers — is Nick Fury’s wife nonetheless working with Gravik? Is Talos actually lifeless? What different powers does Gravik have? However amongst all these cliffhangers, the factor that took each Marvel fan unexpectedly was our beloved Rhodey, the trigger-happy superhero, Warfare Machine, being changed by a Skrull.

In episode 4, we see Rhodey assembly up with Nick Fury’s wife, who can be a Skrull and is proven to be working with Gravik. Rhodey asks her to kill Nick Fury, gifting away his true id to the viewers. In one other scene, we see a feminine Skrull herself within the mirror after which shapeshifting into Rhodey, therefore, making it completely clear that Rhodey was (presumably) a Skrull all this time. Even earlier than the official revelation, we did have our suspicions concerning his true id.

Initially, in episode three, Nick Fury says “No one calls me Nick” implying that everybody makes use of his final identify, Fury, to handle him.

In Episode 2, we see that as Rhodey fires Nick Fury from his put up as Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., he makes use of his first identify “Nick” to handle Fury. Aside from that, Rhodey firing Nick in itself is one thing the James Rhodes we noticed until now, would by no means willingly do.

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By the top of episode 3, we see Varra, Fury’s wife, speaking to somebody on the cellphone, who leads her to a secure that has a gun in it. The voice on the cellphone was clearly of Rhodey, who was speaking to Varra as a hyperlink to Gravik himself. Therefore, placing ahead the potential of Rhodey being changed by a Skrull.

For How Lengthy Has Rhodey Been a Skrull?

After the revelation of Rhodey’s Skrull id, the query arises how lengthy has Rhodey been a Skrull? Properly, the one reply to that’s we are able to’t say for positive, however what we are able to say is that throughout the occasions of Avengers: Infinity Warfare, the Rhodey we noticed on display was the unique one. The alternative may have occurred someplace between the occasions of Avengers: Endgame and Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

How Does Rhodey Being a Skrull Have an effect on MCU’s Future?

Supply: Marvel Films Fandom

The revelation of Rhodey’s alternative by a Skrull can have critical impacts on the way forward for MCU as speculated by Marvel followers. Warfare Machine was anticipated to be seen in Armor Wars and even the Younger Avengers down the road, however Rhodey being a Skrull can jeopardize this expectation.

Alternatively, as Skrulls don’t kill the folks whose id they steal, there’s a chance that the actual Rhodey will probably be rescued by Fury and his allies by the top of Marvel’s Secret Invasion. As of now, all we are able to do is make speculations on what would possibly occur, however to really discover out, we’ll have to attend for July 19, 2023. Comply with our Secret Invasion episode information to know the discharge date and time of the sequence.

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