Types of Anime: All the Genres Explained with Examples

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the large number of genres on this planet of anime and manga? Don’t fear, you’re not alone. Many individuals discover it complicated after they first dive into this charming world. Nonetheless, understanding the completely different anime genres is vital to discovering those that resonate with you probably the most. That can assist you get began, we’ve got compiled a complete information discussing the several types of anime. Whether or not you’re a seasoned fan or simply beginning out, this information will provide you with invaluable insights into the world of anime and manga. So, earlier than you resolve what to binge-watch, let’s study all the favored kinds of anime together with examples.

For individuals who aren’t accustomed to the time period anime, it’s mainly animated motion pictures or TV exhibits from Japan. These anime are sometimes primarily based on manga (Japanese comics). However take into account that not all anime are primarily based on manga, as there are some with distinctive or authentic supply materials. Now coming again to the kinds of anime, I’m going to interrupt the classification into three components in your higher understanding. They’re as follows:

  • Anime primarily based on the demographic
  • Principal genres and sub-genres of anime
  • Anime primarily based on completely different themes

Every kind of anime affords a definite expertise from one other and follows a significant trope. So it’s possible you’ll simply grow to be conscious of the kinds after which choose one to look at relying upon your style. We’ve got additionally talked about the favored anime beneath every anime style, which might function the most effective strategies in case you’re new to the anime world.

5 Major Forms of Anime and Manga

Anime or manga is primarily labeled into 5 sorts primarily based on the audience. These 5 major demographic classes additional embody many genres and sub-genres, which we’ll discuss under. First, let’s discuss the principle kinds of anime.

  • Kodomomuke
  • Shonen or Shounen
  • Shojo or Shoujo
  • Seinen
  • Josei


various Kodomo anime

The primary anime kind on our record is Kodomomuke and all of the manga & anime falling into this class are made for youths. The sort of anime and manga is intentionally made for youngsters under 12 years of age. We’ve got already watched a few of these anime in our childhood, with out figuring out it was an anime at that time in life.

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As you possibly can inform, these youngsters anime have a easy light-hearted story with colourful animation. The commonest style you’ll usually see in these Kodomomuke anime is motion, journey, or comedy. They’re crafted in a method to educate very younger audiences in regards to the values and morals of life to grow to be an excellent individual in life. A number of the well-liked Kodomomuke anime and manga are:

Kodomomuke (コドモムケ)
Pokemon collection
Digimon Adventures
Beyblade collection
Yo-Kai Watch

Shonen/ Shounen

various shonen anime

Shonen is the most well-liked one amongst all of the 5 kinds of anime. You need to have heard the phrase ‘Shonen’ at the very least as soon as in your life even if you’re not into anime. The literal which means of Shōnen is a boy. The sort of anime is mostly focused towards teen boys (12-18 years outdated) however even teen women like to look at them.

The Shonen anime or manga has a central male protagonist (feminine in uncommon circumstances), and it consists of a mixture of all kinds of genres corresponding to journey, motion, drama, sci-fi, and extra. It consists of an adventurous storyline revolving across the protagonist, who goals to attain his/ her targets bundled with enthralling battles.

Additionally, they’re usually seen preaching the worth of friendship and household. Like Kodomomuke anime kind, Shonen additionally evokes younger boys to attain larger issues in life. A number of the hottest Shonen anime are listed right here:

Shonen (少年)
Naruto Collection
One Piece
Dragon Ball collection
Hunter x Hunter

Shojo/ Shoujo

various shoujo characters

The phrase Shōjo interprets to younger women and like Shonen is made for younger boys, Shojo is made for younger feminine audiences. It’s crafted for younger women, typically between the ages of 12-18. The Shoujo anime or manga explores the female facet which mainly consists of genres corresponding to romance and drama. Versus Shonen, Shoujo has a feminine because the lead and the story revolves round her life. The sub-genres of the Shoujo anime kind cowl Yaoi and Yuri as properly, which we’ll talk about briefly under.

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Shoujo is without doubt one of the finest genres on the market, not only for younger females however for all types of anime watchers. I’ve watched Fruits Basket, one of the well-liked Shoujo anime, and ended up witnessing a masterpiece. It is without doubt one of the finest anime to be ever created and is a testomony to how nice Shoujo anime could possibly be. A number of the hottest Shoujo anime and manga are listed right here:

Shojo/Shoujo (少女)
Fruits Basket
Sailor Moon
Violet Evergarden
Banana Fish
Kaichou wa Maid-sama!


various Seinen anime and manga posters

The literal which means of Seinen is “youth,” and the anime and manga on this class are focused towards grownup males. So, this anime kind covers the viewers who’re 18 and above in age, predominantly males however can also be favored by females. Seinen consists of all the weather of a typical Shonen anime however elevates it to the subsequent step by having no theme or story restrictions.

Seinen anime may even embody mature themes, therefore, the 18 years and above age requirement. Seinen additionally covers all kinds of genres, corresponding to psychological, gore, violence, motion, erotic, and many others., which swimsuit the grownup viewers higher. A number of the finest Seinen anime are:

Seinen (青年)
Vinland Saga
Kaguya-sama: Love is Struggle – Extremely Romantic


An image from Chihayafuru

Josei means “Girl or Feminine” and is like Seinen for females. It’s for grownup girls who’re 18 and older. Josei exhibits the sensible lives of girls, together with their relationships and challenges. It additionally consists of LGBTQ storylines like Yaoi and Yuri, much like Shoujo. Some well-liked Josei anime/manga are:

The time period Josei refers to “Girl or Feminine” and is the equal of Seinen for females. Thus, Josei is meant for grownup girls who’re 18 and older. Josei is the improved model of Shoujo and exhibits the sensible lives of girls, together with their relationships, challenges, and extra. Similar to Shoujo, Josei additionally covers LGBTQ+ storylines corresponding to Yaoi and Yuri sub-genres. A number of the hottest Josei anime are listed under:

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Josei (女性)
Descending Tales: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju
Usagi Drop
Princess Jellyfish
Chihayafuru Collection
Children on the Slope

Totally different Genres in Anime & Manga

So, that’s all the pieces you’ll want to know in regards to the 5 major kinds of anime primarily based on who it’s made for, i.e. the demographic viewers. Every kind of anime and manga we talked about earlier than has completely different genres in them. These genres are all the pieces you have got seen or heard already on this planet of cinema or TV exhibits, and it’s the identical right here as properly. It ranges from motion, fantasy, comedy, horror, drama, sports activities, sci-fi, and many others. Listed below are some examples to indicate how every kind of anime has completely different genres:

  • Kodomomuke: The youngsters’ anime style often focuses on genres like journey drama, household, and extra
  • Shonen: The teenager anime style consists of motion, journey, and drama themes however can accommodate sci-fi, thriller, sports activities, and many others. too
  • Shoujo: The teenager women’ anime mainly revolves round romance, comedy, and drama genres, however it may well cowl supernatural, fantasy, and extra themes
  • Seinen: This grownup anime class often incorporates an motion and journey storyline with graphic content material like violence, erotic, horror, and many others.
  • Josei: This grownup females anime class revolves round romance and drama themes however can also be grounded in actuality.

Particular Themes in Manga & Anime

Other than the widespread genres listed above, there are a number of different anime genres or themes that we’ve got listed right here. Take a look at the desk under for all the main points:

Particular Themes Plot Instance
Mecha Includes mechs, that are huge robots or human-controlled robotic machines Code Geass: Lelouch of the Insurrection
Slice of Life The protagonist dies in the true world and will get reincarnated right into a magical world/fantasy land Yuru Camp
Mahou Shoujo Feminine protagonists with magical powers Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
Isekai Protagonist dies in the true world and will get reincarnated right into a magical world/fantasy land Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation
Yaoi Romance between males
(see our greatest Boys Love anime record)
Yuri Romance between girls Bloom Into You
Harem The protagonist is surrounded by many feminine characters The Quintessential Quintuplets
Ecchi Includes grownup comedies and express content material The protagonist dies in the true world and will get reincarnated right into a magical world/fantasy land
Idol Centered round female and male idols The Idolmaster

Often Requested Questions

What number of genres are there in anime?

There are numerous genres in anime starting from motion, drama, and comedy to particular themes like Mecha, Isekai, and many others.

What are the highest 5 anime genres?

The highest 5 major anime genres are Kodomomuke, Shonen, Shoujo, Seinen, and Josei.

What are the 4 major anime?

Dragon Ball, One Piece, Bleach, and Naruto are the 4 major anime, and all are Shonen anime.

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