Zoro’s Family Tree in One Piece (Explained)

Whereas the backstory of most Straw Hat Pirate members was revealed up to now, Zoro’s household identification has been saved beneath wraps for the longest time. Nonetheless, One Piece writer Eiichiro Oda has lastly disclosed Zoro’s household tree and all the data on his ancestors in an SBS. The principle manga and anime detailed the backstories of all of the Straw Hats, however poor Zoro needed to learn an SBS to study his previous. Whether or not or not that is the correct strategy to depict Zoro’s household tree remains to be up for debate. But as issues are, we’ve compiled all the data on Zoro’s previous to provide you a greater understanding of the Shimotsuki household. So, preserve studying to find all there may be to find out about Zoro’s mom and father, his grandparents, ancestors, and so on., in addition to any unanswered questions on them.

Spoiler Warning: This text incorporates spoilers about Roronoa Zoro and his household tree. So we propose you watch the anime (Wano Nation arc) or learn the manga to keep away from ruining your expertise.

To offer you a fast recap about Roronoa Zoro, he’s from a village in East Blue and started his profession as a bounty hunter. Later, he accepted Luffy’s request to affix the Straw Hat Pirates and is his right-hand man. Zoto additionally serves because the Vice Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, together with being the swordsman of the group.

He has mastered the three-sword fashion (Santoryu), and you may learn in regards to the checklist of swords Zoro has used proper right here. Zoro is confirmed to be part of the Shimotsuki household, and we have now defined the household tree proper under.

Zoro’s Previous: Is He Ryuma Shimotsuki’s Descendant?

Notice: All this data was revealed in an SBS with the writer Eiichiro Oda. It’s in ONE PIECE SBS Quantity 105: ZORO’S FAMILY TREE. We now have summarized all that data in a way more detailed method for you.

Picture Courtesy: One Piece/IMDb

Do you keep in mind the legendary samurai Shimotsuki Ryuma who fought as a zombie swordsman towards Zoro within the Thriller Bark? (probably the greatest pirate ships in One Piece) Many followers identified the putting resemblance between him and Zoro. He’s an unforgettable character within the hearts of One Piece followers.

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Ryuma is a famed swordsman who’s revered by everybody within the lands of the Wano nation. He’s the origin level of the Shimotsuki household, and they’re one of many extremely respectable households in One Piece. Lots of standard individuals within the One Piece world are the descendants of this illustrious household.

The Shimotsuki household continued to rise as a rich household within the Wano nation. In consequence, two of Wano nation’s areas have been entrusted to them. Whereas most Shimotsuki individuals ended up staying in Wano, a bunch of individuals determined to depart the nation in a mysterious change of destiny.

After a number of generations (precisely 55 years in the past), Shimotsuki Kozaburo (a famend swordsmith of Wano) and 25 different individuals left the Wano nation. They fortunately ended up in a village in East Blue. They saved the village from bandits who threatened them and settled down lastly. Thus, the Shimotsuki household began to department out of Wano and the village was also referred to as Shimotsuki Village.

Who Are Roronoa Zoro’s Mother and father in One Piece?

Notice: The dotted traces within the under image characterize the numerous generations of the Shimotsuki Household in between Ryuma and Ushimaru’s generations. We don’t know a lot about Ushimaru as of now, however let’s study Zoro’s household, the title of his mom and father.

Zoro’s Family Tree in One Piece (Explained)
Picture Courtesy: @Chancil.Chan (Instagram)

A fellow One Piece fan created an correct illustration of Zoro’s household tree based mostly on the data revealed by Oda on SBS. So, as you may see right here, Shimotsuki Ryuma began the Shimotsuki household. The dotted traces right here point out the numerous generations in between Ryuma and the beginning of the siblings — Shimotsuki Ushimaru and Shimotsuki Furiko.

Furiko is the elder sister of Ushimaru (proven within the anime just lately). Whereas Ushimaru stayed within the Wano nation, Furiko departed Wano nation and went to a village in East Blue, as we talked about above. Furiko married Roronoa Pinzoro (a man from the village they settled in) and gave beginning to Roronoa Arashi (Father of Zoro). Afterward, Arashi went on to marry a lady named Terra (mom of Zoro and the daughter of a legal), and thus, our beloved Roronoa Zoro was born into this world.

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A glimpse on the lifetime of Zoro’s mother and father was proven off within the SBS. It acknowledged that Zoro’s father Roronoa Arashi was killed in a battle with the pirates. After a while, Zoro’s mom died attributable to an unknown sickness. Due to this fact, that was the unlucky previous of Zoro.

Moreover, it needs to be famous that Shimotsuki Furiko is Zoro’s grandmother; making Shimotuski Ushimaru his great-uncle. And as you may already guess, Zoro is confirmed to be a descendant of the Shimotsuki household.

Often Requested Questions

Who’s Zoro’s father?

Roronoa Arashi is confirmed to be the daddy of our beloved swordsman, Roronoa Zoro.

Is Zoro’s household revealed?

Sure! Roronoa Zoro’s household was revealed in an SBS with Eiichiro Oda particularly within the One Piece Quantity 105: Zoro’s Household Tree.

Who’s Zoro’s father and mom?

Roronoa Arashi and Terra are the mother and father of our Zoro. It was revealed just lately in an SBS with writer Oda.

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