Top 15 Best Manhwa Where MC Is A Villain (Ranked)

You’ve gotten already met and heard quite a bit about standard heroes and villains within the Manhwa world. However at present we are going to discuss these standard manhwas the place MC is a villain. Eren Yeager is the best instance of the kind of principal character we’re speaking about. The MC doesn’t must be the precise villain of the collection; they’ll both be the anti-hero or evil in nature.

Right here we embrace a few of the must-read manhwa the place MC chooses the trail of the villain and performs numerous evil acts. A few of them select to turn into villains out of revenge, whereas others simply get pleasure from being villains. Many of the collection on the record come from the revenge style as a result of revenge is the factor that turns any good particular person into probably the most evil one. So let’s get straight to this glorious record of the highest 15 Manhwa the place MC is a villain and seize one thing to your style.

Be aware: Every of those manhwa the place MC is a villain is ranked in keeping with their followers’ recognition and the evilness of their principal characters, no matter their rankings and viewership.

Prime 15 Manhwa The place MC Is A Villain (Ranked)

15. FFF-Class Trash Hero: Greatest Isekai Manhwa The place MC Is a Villain

FFF-Class Trash Hero
Supply: FFF-Class Trash Hero Manhwa

FFF-Class Trash Hero is among the greatest isekai manhwa with OP MC. The title of the collection means that the MC is a trash hero with FFF class. Nonetheless, he isn’t; this rank place is given to him when it comes to his heroism and manners, not due to his energy or talents. It follows the story of Kang Han Soo, who simply defeated the demon king in one other world by way of his unimaginable energy stage.

Regardless of defeating the demon king with ease, he obtained a character rating of “F” due to his ruthless actions. Consequently, he once more reincarnated into the identical fantasy world to begin his journey. Now, it’s very thrilling to witness how he’ll react in his second try. Will he go simple this time or once more to make use of his villainous and brutal methodology? 

14. Rooftop Sword Grasp

Rooftop Sword Master
Supply: Rooftop Sword Grasp Manhwa

Rooftop Sword Grasp is one other nice manhwa the place MC is a villain for his bully classmates. It follows the story of Seyoung Tak, a highschool man who’s all the time being bullied by his classmates. At some point, his bully classmates crossed their restrict and beat him badly, resulting from which Seyoung went right into a coma. A couple of years later, Seyoung wakened from a coma and located his father lifeless whereas making an attempt to get justice for him.

Now, he’s full of anger and vengeance in opposition to those that put him in a coma. Later, he sadly hears God’s phrases, finds an enormous sword on his rooftop, and begins coaching to turn into the sword grasp. Now, it’s fairly fascinating to see the bully’s response once they meet the sword grasp whom they as soon as bullied. 

13. Hero Killer 

Hero Killer
Supply: Hero Killer Manhwa

Hero Killer is ready in a world the place heroes and villains are consistently engaged within the deadliest struggle. Nonetheless, it’s not possible to categorize them; no one is aware of who’re heroes and who’re villains. It follows the revenge journey of a loner lady who’s blessed with supernatural talents. After frequently going by way of injustice and being suppressed by the setting, she decides to take all of them.

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Consequently, she all the time takes herself in between the clashes between highly effective people. The collection is full of loads of the deadliest battles and encompasses a sturdy feminine lead, which makes it an ideal choose for you. 

12. Hero Has Returned

Hero has Returned
Supply: Hero has Returned Manhwa

Hero Has Returned is among the greatest manhwa the place MC is a villain that primarily revolves round two guys, Minsu Kim and Jeong Su Park. Minsu is a warrior who comes again to Earth and realizes he misplaced every thing after saving one other world. Out of rage, he killed Jeong Su Park, an unknown man, and his household.

Nonetheless, after being killed, Park is reincarnated into one other world, the place he defeats the demon king and turns into extremely sturdy. Now, Park comes again to Earth and decides to take revenge on Minsu for his household’s homicide. Now, they each interact within the deadliest battle with one another and erase the road between good and evil, the place nobody says who’s the hero and who’s the villain. 

11. Pure Villain

Pure Villain
Supply: Pure Villain Manhwa

Now, let’s transfer ahead to a different standard manhwa the place MC is a villain, “Pure Villain.” It’s set in a world the place particular police exist to catch criminals who’ve some kind of potential. The principle character of the collection is Han Doryeong, who’s the strongest particular police officer and has caught numerous highly effective villains.

Regardless of being blessed with unimaginable energy and an amazing sense of justice, he progressively questions his personal identification, questioning whether or not he’s a hero or villain. The one purpose behind his doubts is the immense affection that every one criminals present for him. Regardless of being solely centered on heroism or villainy, “Pure Villain” chooses to deal with the grey areas of heroism and villainy. 

10. Incompetent Villain: Greatest Comedy Manhwa The place MC Is a Villain

Incompetent Villain
Supply: Incompetent Villain Manhwa

Incompetent Villain is one other nice manhwa the place MC is a villain with the proper mix of motion and comedy. It follows the story of Baek Moran, who may be very determined to earn the infamous title of villain. Nonetheless, he’s incapable of killing anybody, despite the fact that he can’t defeat the weakest of heroes.

Regardless of what number of occasions he tries to kill heroes, he’s all the time trapped in a humorous state of affairs with them. Consequently, he earned the title of incompetent villain as an alternative of true villain due to his steady failure to carry out villainous acts. You’ll absolutely benefit from the try of the primary character, who desires to turn into the villain however is a real hero. 

9. Regressor Instruction Handbook

Regressor Instruction Manual
Supply: Regressor Instruction Handbook Manhwa

The Regressor Instruction Handbook follows the story of Lee Giyoung, who’s sadly summoned to a dying dungeon with zero abilities. Now, Lee can’t survive the dying dungeon with none supernatural abilities. So, he determined to make use of a regressor, who’s exceptionally sturdy, as his device to clear the sport.

Lee all the time makes use of his eager intelligence and strategic talents to win the battle reasonably than being straight concerned in fights with opponents. In terms of preventing, he manipulates the regressor, which exhibits completely how self-centered he’s. Now, it’s very fascinating to see to what extent Lee will go to clear the sport, and is he hesitating to sacrifice the Regressor for it? 

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8. Limitless Abyss: Greatest Submit-Apocalyptic Manhwa The place MC Is a Villain

Limitless Abyss
Supply: Limitless Abyss Manhwa

Limitless Abyss is a well-liked manhwa the place MC is a villain that’s set in a post-apocalyptic world. All the things on Earth is kind of peaceable till mysterious gates seem from the sky, by way of which numerous monsters emerge. These monsters are exceptionally sturdy and start devouring people, bringing destruction and chaos to the world.

Similar to everybody else, the primary character additionally struggles to outlive within the post-apocalyptic world by preventing monsters. Furthermore, he isn’t solely going through exterior battle with monsters but in addition inside conflicts. Consequently, he unwillingly chooses evil methods to outlive and save his family members from each hazard.

7. The Earth Savior Choice

The Earth Savior Selection
Supply: The Earth Savior Choice Manhwa

The Earth’s Chosen Savior is one other apocalyptic manhwa the place the Earth is about to be annihilated in below 42 days from a doom attributable to monsters. Out of concern, everybody started killing one another to realize energy that might assist them survive on this apocalyptic state of affairs. To avoid wasting Earth, Jeong-u Park, an atypical worker in a sport firm, is chosen as Earth’s savior.

Now, Jeong has to make all selections, together with good and evil, to regulate the state of affairs and save the world. Whereas preventing monsters and individuals who got here in his approach, he progressively went on an evil path, which he didn’t understand. Consequently, it’s thought of as probably the most standard manhwa the place the MC is a villain.

6. The Tyrant’s Guardian is an Evil Witch 

The Tyrant’s Guardian is an Evil
Supply: The Tyrant’s Guardian is an Evil Manhwa

This standard manhwa the place MC is a villain, primarily revolves round an evil witch who did numerous evil acts in opposition to kingdoms and their individuals. Now, she adopted the younger prince of the dominion to lift him in a approach that makes him a great chief, not a tyrannical chief. Although her intention is sweet, she makes use of each doable method to obtain her dream, even utilizing forbidden darkish magic.

Nonetheless, the motive behind altering the future of the prince continues to be not clear, neither is it clear why she is determined to do it. In case you love magical worlds and mystical tales, then it is best to learn this fantasy manhwa the place MC is a villain. 

5. Existence: Greatest Motion Manhwa The place MC Is a Villain 

Supply: Existence manhwa

Existence is the perfect motion manhwa the place MC is a villain, and he raises questions on MC’s existential goal. It follows the story of Jain Lee, who reincarnates numerous occasions and lives an uncountable life, whether or not as an ant, a dinosaur, or another creature. Now, he’s born as a human with all the facility of each life kind he has lived, which makes him overpowered.

The one goal behind his existence is to eradicate humanity from existence for his or her cruelness in direction of different residing beings. Nonetheless, he hesitates to do it simply due to his love for his mom and the emotional moments he shares along with her. The collection completely depicts the sunshine and darkish sides of humanity by way of the MC’s eyes. 

4. I Develop Stronger By Consuming

I Grow Stronger By Eating!
Supply: I Develop Stronger By Consuming Manhwa

The title of the collection itself depicts that the primary character of the collection is human and consumes others to realize energy. The collection follows the story of Mr. Kim, who’s born with the particular potential to repeat any creature’s potential simply by consuming them. Now, he’s reincarnated right into a fantasy world full of monsters, orcs, and so many different mysterious creatures.

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To outlive, he begins consuming all mysterious creatures that come his method to turn into the strongest beings. If you wish to meet the ruthless MC whose starvation is happy solely by energy, then it is best to learn this unimaginable manhwa the place MC is a villain.  

3. Find out how to Reside as a Villain

How to Live as a Villain
Supply: Find out how to Reside as a Villain Manhwa

The principle character on this manhwa the place MC is a villain, is an anti-hero who expertly is aware of how you can stay as a villain. The collection is ready in a world the place God summoned completely different gamers from all over the world to a gaming world to play a lethal sport. Whoever wins the lethal sport shall be chosen because the successor of God.

Seong Hoon is the primary character, who can be chosen as one of many gamers to take part on this lethal sport. Nonetheless, he doesn’t possess any superpowers or supernatural talents besides a crafty thoughts and manipulative nature. To be able to win the title of God’s successor, he makes use of all of his depraved tips and might betray anybody with none second thought.

2. Villain To Kill 

Villain To Kill
Supply: Villain To Kill Manhwa

Because the title suggests, the hero of “Villain to Kill” turned the villain simply to kill. The collection follows the story of Cassian Lee, the strongest Psyker, blessed with immense psychic talents and possessing a great coronary heart. Nonetheless, after being betrayed and killed by his comrades, he’s reincarnated into the physique of a highschool man.

Furthermore, this highschool man has simply turn into the villain, so now Cassian unwillingly lives his new life as a villain. He additionally secretly takes his revenge on his comrades who kill him. Now, it’s fairly fascinating to see that the hero who saves individuals has now turn into the villain and begins taking the lives of others.

1. Kill the Hero: Greatest Revenge Manhwa The place MC Is a Villain

Hero Killer
Supply: Hero Killer Manhwa

Kill the Hero is not only the perfect manhwa the place MC is a villain but in addition one of many greatest revenge manhwa. It primarily revolves across the revenge story of Kim Woo Jin and his guild grasp, Sejun Lee (who appears to be the hero). A couple of years after being betrayed and killed by his grasp, Kim comes again in time to get revenge on him.

Now, he’s progressively climbing up the ranks throughout the guild whereas conserving his actual motives hidden. Furthermore, he turned extra manipulative and crafty and was able to do something to precise his revenge. So, it’s very fascinating to know: does the anti-hero reach getting revenge from the hero, or is he once more killed by the hands of the hero?


That’s it for the submit! We hope you discover this glorious record of the highest 15 manhwa the place MC is a villain helpful and discover one thing to your style. Every of those manhwa the place MC is a villain revolves round the primary characters, whose lives are full of tragedy and twists that make them evil.

Its principal characters are the true villains of their respective collection, however they’re all the true heroes of their very own tales. Keep tuned with us for extra fantastic manhwa suggestions and informative character lists.

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