10 Unheard Weaknesses of Superman Except Kryptonite

Superman, extra popularly referred to as the Man of Metal, first appeared in Motion Comics #1 (June 1938) as a logo of hope for the folks of America throughout the nice despair. Labeled because the first American superhero, Superman was marked by his brilliant purple and blue caped costume, superstrength, warmth imaginative and prescient, and invincibility. However no being on this world, whether or not fictional or actual, comes with no weaknesses, and our beloved Superman isn’t any totally different. Everyone knows Superman to be weak within the presence of Kryptonite, however aside from that inexperienced rock, Superman has a number of different weaknesses too. On this article, let’s discover out about Superman’s weaknesses aside from Kryptonite.

1. The Purple Solar

Supply: DC Fandom Wiki

The supply of Superman’s powers lies within the radiation of our yellow solar. However on his house planet, Krypton, he could be nothing greater than an everyday individual, similar to you and me. The purple solar of Krypton would by no means have granted Kal-El the superhuman energy we all know him for.

Within the animated film, Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox, launched in 2013, we see that in an alternate timeline, Kal-El was discovered by the federal government as a substitute of the Kents, and stored imprisoned as a take a look at topic. We witness Superman is frail and powerless when Flash, Batman, and Cyborg discover him locked deep inside a authorities facility simulating the radiation of a purple solar. After they carry Superman outdoors and daylight hits him, he develops superpowers and saves everybody.

2. Superhuman Listening to

Regardless that superhuman listening to has helped Superman on a number of events, this energy of his is moderately a weak point to be exploited. In The Daybreak of Justice: Batman vs Superman launched in 2019, we see Batman use supersonic sound canons in opposition to Superman, inflicting seen ache on the Man of Metal. Therefore, this energy is listed as one in every of Superman’s weaknesses.

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3. Lack of ability to See By Lead

10 Unheard Weaknesses of Superman Except Kryptonite

Certainly one of Superman’s most well-known powers is his potential to see by means of issues utilizing his X-ray imaginative and prescient. However a lesser-known reality about this superpower energy is its vulnerability to steer. Yeah, Superman’s X-Ray imaginative and prescient can’t see by means of lead, making this energy one in every of his weaknesses, exploited a number of occasions by Lex Luthor.

Lex Luthor was in a position to efficiently smuggle weapons underneath Superman’s nostril simply because the containers they had been being carried in had been lined with lead.

4. Atomic Radiation

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice poster
Supply: IMDb (Batman Vs Superman: Daybreak of Justice)

As we talked about above, the supply of Superman’s powers lies within the radiation of our yellow solar. This proves that though other forms of radiation won’t kill Superman, they will most undoubtedly make him weak.

In Batman vs Superman: Daybreak of Justice, we see Superman carrying Doomsday to outer area so the navy may use a nuclear warhead in opposition to it. Because the Nuclear warhead hits Doomsday and Superman, we see that he was left in a skeleton-like state as if the nuclear radiation drained him of all his life powers.

Regardless that he was healed as quickly as he got here in touch with the solar, this scene was sufficient to show that radiation is one in every of Superman’s weaknesses and can be utilized as a weapon in opposition to him.

5. Prone to Medicine

Superman killing Joker
Supply: DC Fandom Wiki

Even after having unimaginable superpowers, Superman’s bodily biology is much like that of regular human beings. Due to this motive, Superman is equally weak to medicine, simply as a lot as regular people are. Within the Injustice storyline, we see that Joker makes use of a modified model of Scarecrow’s concern gasoline in opposition to Superman. This concern gasoline makes Superman hallucinate that Lois, his wife, who’s pregnant on the time, leading to Superman killing Lois.

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When Superman recovers from the drug, he breaks into Arkham Asylum and punches Joker by means of his chest killing him immediately. In a while, he was a dictator with the members of the Justice League who help his ideology by his aspect. This vulnerability to medicine was additionally exploited by Batman on a number of events to struggle Superman within the Darkish Knight Returns comedian collection.

6. Excessive Voltage Electrical energy

Superman vs Livewire
Supply: DCAU Wiki

This would possibly sound just a little bizarre however the Man of Metal, who is ready to face up to excessive temperatures and even explosives, is weak to high-voltage electrical energy. In Superman: The Animated Sequence, when Superman fights in opposition to Livewire, he was thrown round like a basketball on a number of events. Even after placing on rubber gloves, Livewire was in a position to overpower Superman as a result of superhero’s weak point to excessive electrical energy.

7. Magic

Superman and Shazam
Supply: IMDb

Even after Superman’s unimaginable energy, he’s as weak to magic as any of us. Detective Comics launched us to only a few highly effective wielders of magic. In numerous animated collection and comics characters like Zatanna had been in a position to give Superman a tough time. A number of comics and animated collection of Superman and Justice League additionally present us Shazam and Black Adam having the ability to stand toe to toe in opposition to Superman and even cease him on a number of events due to their magic-based energy.

8. Life-Threatening Viruses

Superman infected with Doomsday virus
Supply: Comedian Guide Treasury

Superman, like each different lifeform, is weak to ailments. One of many best examples of this vulnerability is seen within the comedian titled Superman: Doomed, which was revealed in 2014. On this comedian, we see that Superman by chance received contaminated with the Doomsday Virus after defeating Doomsday.

This virus began turning him right into a model of Doomsday however with the powers of Superman, leading to him inflicting havoc for the Justice League until they discovered a treatment and healed him. So yeah, a virus counts as one of many weaknesses of the strongest superhero, Superman.

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9. His Humanity

Superman with his parents
Supply: DC Database Fandom

If we take into consideration Superman, bodily, The Man of Metal is nearly unbeatable more often than not, however this energy of his is just restricted to his bodily energy. Certainly one of Superman’s largest weaknesses is his humanity and his feelings. Regardless of how robust Superman is, he has been introduced right down to his knees by a number of villains utilizing his family members.

Typically, Lois, his wife is the sufferer, however Superman was scared to dying when his son, Jon was born. Superman was freed of his worries when he realized that Jon additionally has superhuman skills much like him. Total, the world is a merciless place for a superhero who believes in Santa Clause to at the present time.

10. Thoughts Management

Superman in Batman Hush
Supply: IMDb (Batman Hush 2019)

Similar to each different human being, Superman will not be immune to thoughts management or telepathy as effectively. We’ve got witnessed Superman being managed on a number of events. Within the episode “Hush” of the animated Justice League collection, we see that Poison Ivy was in a position to inflict thoughts management on Superman, turning him in opposition to Batman and Catwoman.

Within the Comedian Sequence Marvel Girl#219, we witness Max Lord having the ability to management Superman’s thoughts making him suppose that Marvel Girl is Doomsday main to an enormous struggle between Marvel Girl and Superman.

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