Who Is Master Tengen in Jujutsu Kaisen? Explained

You could have heard a weird new identify, i.e. Grasp Tengen, within the newest season 2 of Jujutsu Kaisen. Whereas anime-only followers proceed to marvel what sort of character they’re, manga followers know them properly. Grasp Tengen is closely linked with the Star Plasma Vessel and performs a significant position in the way forward for the Jujutsu world. They play a mysterious character and their powers guard the Jujutsu society. Subsequently, when you really feel perplexed about his nature and need to study them, you’re in the proper place. Right here is every thing it’s essential learn about Grasp Tengen in JJK.

Spoiler Warning: This text incorporates heavy spoilers about Grasp Tengen’s character in Jujutsu Kaisen. We propose you watch the JJK anime or learn the manga (as much as chapter 208) to keep away from ruining the expertise.

Who’s Grasp Tengen in Jujutsu Kaisen

Picture Courtesy: Jujutsu Kaisen by Gege Akutami (Fandom)

Grasp Tengen is a Jujustu Sorcerer in JJK, and “Immortality” is their innate Jujutsu approach. They’re additionally known as the Star within the Jujutsu-verse. Though their approach permits them to maintain residing eternally, it doesn’t present them the look of perpetual youth. Therefore, this immortal sorcerer has been round for a very long time.

And as we all know, that they had a major background impression on a lot of the plot. They have been previously accountable for propagating the ideas of Jujutsu sorcerers from the Nara interval. And from then, they constructed the inspiration of Jujutsu on this world.

Subsequently, Grasp Tengen is confined inside a chamber known as the Tombs of the Star Hall, which might be discovered at Jujutsu Excessive in Tokyo. They function one of many vital supporting characters within the presently airing season 2 of the anime. We are going to be taught extra about him as time progresses.

Grasp Tengen: Character & Look

Master Tengen's female form in Jujutsu Kaisen/JJK.
Picture Courtesy: Jujutsu Kaisen by Gege Akutami (Fandom)

Grasp Tengen’s main kind was a human being in Jujutsu Kaisen. After failing to merge with Star Plasma Vessel Riko Amanai, as seen in Gojo’s Previous Arc, Tengen had undergone the “evolution” course of. Subsequently, they’re now seen as a cursed spirit with a cylindrical head and 4 eyes.

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Grasp Tengen’s present gender is unknown, however they was once a feminine up to now, as we will see within the above picture. Furthermore, in addition they referred to themselves as “granny” within the present timeline in manga Chapter 202.

As they’re probably the most vital sorcerers chargeable for the safety of the world and humanity, Tengen is a respectful and smart character within the collection. They possess nice information and stay calm as an previous particular person, guiding the younger technology whereas guarding the human world.

Significance of Grasp Tengen’s Character

Master Tengen in Jujutsu Kaisen/JJK.
Picture Courtesy: Jujutsu Kaisen by Gege Akutami (Fandom)

Tengen is taken into account one of many strongest pillars in Jujutsu society. They strengthen the pillars (limitations) of the Jujutsu world and guard them from his confined area. With out him, the whole Jujutsu society would collapse and the downfall would start.

Grasp Tengen’s position and their Immortality approach are very important for passing down and defending Jujutsu because it at all times has been. They’ve been round for hundreds of years and are accountable for passing down the Jujutsu fundamentals to youthful generations. Because of this, it gave rise to the modern Jujutsu society and methods we all know of. So, hope you may perceive Tengen-sama’s significance within the collection.

Moreover, Tengen must often endure a course of known as Rising to revitalize his physique and never lose his will. Now we have defined this element in our Star Plasma Vessel article, so do test it out. And if this course of fails, it’s talked about that sending the Jujutsu sorcerers on missions would grow to be riskier. The worst half is that Tengen Sama could flip into an enemy of humanity.

Furthermore, within the context of the continued story, Tengen performed an important position in Gojo’s launch from the Jail Realm within the Jujutsu Kaisen manga. He was the one who defined how the Jail Realm works and what the Jujutsu sorcerers must do to unseal Gojo from it. Now we have defined all of it intimately, so do try the linked article.

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JJK Grasp Tengen: Powers & Skills

Master Tengen explaining barriers in Jujutsu Kaisen/JJK.
Picture Courtesy: Jujutsu Kaisen by Gege Akutami (Fandom)

Tengen will not be a combatant Jujutsu sorcerer like Gojo. They’re a far totally different sorcerer, who’s primarily non-combatant, as they don’t like to make use of Jujutsu for preventing. Because of this, Grasp Tengen stays non-belligerent and uniquely makes use of his barrier methods. Lord Tengen is essentially the most highly effective barrier consumer in Jujutsu historical past, as they’re more proficient at utilizing barrier methods than some other sorcerer right here. With these methods, he formed the Jujutsu society and stays important to them all through centuries, as talked about earlier.

There are 4 major limitations surrounding Jujutsu Excessive and Tengen Sama has enhanced them. Based on manga Chapter 136, Tengen’s limitations are crucial for optimizing cursed power all through the Jujutsu Kaisen world. So you may perceive how they’re distinct but highly effective. The assorted barrier methods utilized by Grasp Tengen are:

  • Concealing Obstacles: A barrier that controls greater than 1000+ shifting doorways and guards the entry of the Tomb of the Star Hall.
  • Jujutsu Excessive Obstacles: Obstacles on the Jujutsu Excessive websites alter their designs each day to hide the varsity from the general public.
  • Pure Obstacles: A barrier of a complicated kind whose precedence is to extend the accuracy of Grasp Tengen’s cursed spirit suppression approach and the barrier methods utilized by lecturers and managers of Jujutsu Excessive.
  • Empty Obstacles: They’re fully empty limitations because the identify suggests and are utilized in totally different circumstances.

Whereas these barrier methods sound cool, take into account that Tengen primarily conceals the presence of one thing (for instance, the Jujutsu Excessive sorcerers utilizing limitations when preventing curses). But when one is aware of the situation, it’s at all times simpler for them to infiltrate these limitations.

Tengen’s Present Standing in Jujutsu Kaisen

Master Tengen after the battle against Kenjaku in Jujutsu Kaisen/JJK.
Picture Courtesy: Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 208 by Gege Akutami (Fandom)

When Grasp Tengen was captured by Kenjaku, it was the final time we noticed them within the Jujutsu Kaisen manga. Within the final panel of Chapter 208, we see Tengen-sama curled up like a child in a womb. Now, their whereabouts and present standing are unknown, however JJK creator Gege Akutami did disclose to us Kenjaku’s plan for Tengen.

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Kenjaku plans to realize evolution by merging the sorcerer supreme with all of humanity. We additionally see Tengen-sama reveal the identical in JJK manga chapter 145, however the merger is but to kick off, presumably because of the ongoing spat between Gojo vs Sukuna in Jujutsu Kaisen. How is it potential, you ask? Effectively, these studying the manga know that Kenjaku has possessed Geto’s physique and might use cursed spirit manipulation as properly. And because the evolution course of has turned Grasp Tengen into extra of a cursed spirit, Kenjaku can use his approach to assimilate Tengen and evolve himself.

That’s every thing we learn about Grasp Tengen in Jujutsu Kaisen proper now. They’re an enigmatic character, the impact of whose dying is but to be revealed within the collection. Nonetheless, they’ll play a extra vital position and extra about their character can be recognized to us quickly.

Continuously Requested Questions

Who’s Grasp Tengen?

Grasp Tengen is a Jujutsu Sorcerer with the Immortality cursed approach. This enables them to stay on for hundreds of years and so they play a significant position within the collection.

Who’s defending Tengen?

Yuki and Choso stay to guard Grasp Tengen from Kenjaku.

Who’s the strongest in JJK?

Gojo Satoru is lauded because the strongest sorcerer of the present technology in Jujutsu historical past.

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