Jujutsu Kaisen: Who Wins Between Gojo vs Sukuna?

We’re in for a wild trip as Jujutsu Kaisen attracts to a detailed and Gojo is lastly unsealed from the jail realm. In JJK chapter 221, Gege Akutami, eventually, gave a style of the a lot eagerly awaited Gojo vs Sukuna showdown. The followers went loopy proper after this chapter, which jogged my memory of Michael Scott’s “It’s Occurring!” scene of The Workplace TV present. Nonetheless, the Gojo vs Sukuna debate has been ongoing ever because the collection first aired, even earlier than Gojo set a date for his or her combat. As a way to decide who will in the end win the combat between the King of Curses and the strongest Jujutsu sorcerer, let’s have a look at the knowledge we now have at our disposal up to now.

Heavy Spoilers Warning: This text has spoilers about Gojo Satoru, Sukuna, and the continued story of Jujutsu Kaisen. We recommend you watch the anime and skim the manga (as much as chapter 221) to keep away from ruining your expertise.

Gojo vs Sukuna: What Occurs When an Unstoppable Power Meets an Immovable Object?

Picture Courtesy: Jujutsu Kaisen by Gege Akutami – Chapter 221 (Shonen Leap, Viz Media)

Do you bear in mind the primary time Gojo was launched in Jujutsu Kaisen, and he immediately went on to conflict in opposition to Sukuna (in Yuji’s physique)? We’ve come a great distance since then. And at last, we’re going to witness the godly battle between two supreme beings within the Jujutsu-verse. On one hand, Gojo is claimed to be the world’s strongest Jujutsu sorcerer. On the opposite, Sukuna is known as the King of Curses. As Tai Lung from Kung Fu Panda says, “Lastly! A Worthy Opponent! Our Battle Will Be Legendary!” It’s certainly gonna be legendary!

Technically, throughout the first Gojo vs Sukuna battle, Sukuna wasn’t at his full energy as Yuji had solely consumed one in all his fingers. That’s not the case anymore, as Sukuna has regained most of his powers. So, everyone seems to be madly ready to witness this battle, and we’re hyped to the core. Gojo was questioned by Itadori in JJK Season 1 Episode 2 (manga chapter 3) about who was stronger between him and Sukuna. Then, Gojo remarked that it is likely to be a bit tough for him to defeat the King of Curses if Sukuna ate all his fingers and regained his full energy. So, Itadori, being the simpleton he’s, requested Gojo if he would lose, to which he stated, “No, I might win.”

In the exact same scene, Sukuna expressed that Gojo would be the first particular person he’ll kill for positive as soon as he makes Itadori’s physique his personal. To which Gojo funnily replied, “It’s an honor to be focused by Sukuna.” These actual phrases get repeated in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 221, and this throwback makes us really feel the lengthy journey we now have taken to succeed in right here. These two highly effective characters in Jujutsu Kaisen have been ready to beef in opposition to every from the beginning and it’s about to occur quickly.

Now, earlier than we evaluate Gojo and Sukuna’s energy ranges and the way their combat would possibly go, let’s assess the powers and talents of each of the supreme beings.

JJK Gojo Satoru: Energy and Talents

Warning: The beneath sections carry the most recent details about Gojo and Sukuna’s powers and talents. So, you’ve gotten been warned concerning the spoilers, and do learn the manga as much as the 221 chapter to keep away from ruining your expertise.

An image of Gojo.
Picture Courtesy: Jujutsu Kaisen by Mappa Studios (Twitter)

Let’s now have a look at a breakdown of the powers and talents of the strongest sorcerer in existence within the JJK world. We not solely speak about Gojo’s jujutsu strategies and area growth but additionally his bodily fight abilities.


Let’s comment on Gojo’s intelligence first. Many people are incapable of appreciating Gojo’s tactical acumen. Gojo is so expert at devising new plans of motion and placing them into motion to suit any circumstance. He has triumphed over numerous difficult circumstances which were hurled at him.

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He, as an example, conquered the one flaw Toji exploited to his benefit (which we’ll see in Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2) and turned the strongest. One other wonderful instance is how, in a matter of seconds, he devised a more practical technique to combat in opposition to opponents like Choso, Hanami, Jogo, and Mahito and save the residents on the identical time within the Shibuya arc. Thus, Gojo’s tactical data might be a key think about his combat vs Sukuna.

Bodily Talents

  • Distinctive Energy: Don’t let Gojo’s look idiot you, he doesn’t have a sturdy physique. But he possesses unbelievable energy to present anybody a tough time. This was seen in his battle with Jogo in Season 1, the place he completely toyed with him utilizing his mighty energy.
  • Unreal Pace and Teleportation Energy: Gojo is exceptionally quick and has excellent reflexes, which turn out to be useful throughout battle. Moreover, Gojo additionally has teleportation powers that enable him to warp out and in (though it hasn’t been defined correctly till now).
  • Substantial Cursed Power Reserve: Gojo is thought to be the strongest sorcerer as a result of he has an unbelievable quantity of cursed vitality reserves. This enables him to carry out feats that appear unimaginable to others, comparable to a number of each day situations of utilizing Area Growth.
  • Hand-to-Hand Fight: Gojo Satoru is extraordinarily expert in hand-to-hand fight and might punish anybody if they aren’t cautious. The aforementioned superb energy and pace significantly elevate his hand-to-hand fight ability.
  • Six Eyes: Gojo Satoru possesses the treasured “Six Eyes,” which he inherited from his Jujutsu clan. It permits him to see the world in a completely totally different means and course of all the knowledge a lot quicker than anybody else. It considerably helps in using the opposite inherited method referred to as the “Limitless.” That’s additionally the explanation we see Gojo sporting a blindfold in Jujutsu Kaisen always.

Jujutsu Strategies

  • Limitless: It’s a pure strategy of the Gojo household, which permits the person to manipulate cursed vitality in a exact means on the atomic stage. Because of this, the customers achieve full energy and management over house. This system gave delivery to Cursed Approach Lapse: Blue, Cursed Approach Lapse – Most Cursed Power Output: Blue, Cursed Approach Reversal: Crimson and Hole Approach: Purple.
  • Infinity: It’s the capability to create an infinity house (like an invisible defensive defend) between the person and the others. Solely the person can determine what can enter and what can not. For instance, if somebody assaults Gojo, they strike the infinity and never the person instantly. It’s how Gojo stays untouchable. Moreover, it’s thought of the essential type of the Limitless method.
  • Reverse Cursed Approach: It’s the capability to transform cursed vitality to constructive vitality to heal oneself, and Gojo makes use of it around the clock. Gojo mastered this method after his battle in opposition to Toji Fushiguro. It’s not confirmed if Gojo can heal his allies like Yuta or Shoko or Sukuna did.

Area Growth

Limitless Void: That is Gojo’s nice area growth, able to destroying anyone. He creates an abstract-like setting the place the adversaries are consistently uncovered to varied sensations and data, which inhibits their capability to suppose and act freely. Moreover, Gojo can solely activate his Area in 0.2 seconds due to how completely he can deal with it.

JJK Ryomen Sukuna: Energy and Talents

An image of Sukuna.
Picture Courtesy: Jujutsu Kaisen by Mappa Studios (Twitter)

Observe: As of now, Sukuna has consumed 15 out of 20 fingers and has nice management over Megumi’s physique with the completion of the Bathtub ritual in manga chapter 216.

Similar to we did for Gojo, let’s rapidly study the prowess of the King of Curses. Sukuna too boasts plenty of unbelievable powers vs Gojo, and right here’s every little thing you’ll want to know:

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Sukuna is by far probably the most clever cursed spirit of all time. He holds immense data about curses, cursed vitality, cursed strategies, and so forth. As he’s extremely educated, his understanding of how every little thing works on this Jujutsu world has helped him significantly. He can rapidly devise sensible plans to defeat his opponents, which was seen in his battle with the shinigami, Mahoraga.

Bodily Talents

  • Unbelievable Energy: Sukuna possesses large energy in comparison with all of the special-grade spirits we now have seen up to now.
  • Godly Pace and Reflexes: Sukuna is invincible together with his insane pace and reflexes. Sukuna can strike his opponents even earlier than one begins to comprehend his transfer.
  • Nice Resilience: Sukuna was in a position to face up to mighties blows thrown in opposition to him. Even when he was despatched flying and collapsing with a number of buildings.
  • Huge quantity of Cursed Power: It’s solely pure for the King of Curses to own a huge quantity of cursed vitality inside him. With this, he can carry out any feat with out even getting a slight feeling of exhaustion.

Jujutsu Strategies

  • Dismantle and Cleave: It’s an automated adjusting slash assault that adjusts itself primarily based on the enemy’s abilities and cuts them off in a single single slash quickly.
  • Unknown Fireplace Energy: Crimson-hot fireplace assaults are created by Sukuna, who has full management over them. Compared to Jogo’s fireplace blasts, it’s extra fierce and potent.

Area Growth

Malevolent Shrine: As implied by the title, Sukuna leads the opponents to a shrine that’s lined with skulls. The most important catch right here is that, in contrast to different area expansions, this one doesn’t have its personal enclosed house. Because of this, it’s said that Sukuna can execute any strike and be sure to hit the goal inside a 200-meter radius.

Gojo vs Sukuna: Who Will Win the Combat? (Our Prediction)

Now you’ve gotten completely understood the facility ranges of those monsters within the Jujutsu world and the way they’ll punish one another in a battle to the loss of life. However because it’s probably the most hyped/ anticipated combat within the collection, I’m positive the writer Gege Akutami can have shocking components prepared up his sleeves, which is able to function an necessary issue on this mighty conflict. Gojo and Sukuna each are at their peak proper now. Moreover, Sukuna is now in command of Megumi’s physique, which is able to function an added bonus for him.

Sukuna is already overpowered with cursed energies and strategies, however he now additionally has management over the Ten Shadows method and has tamed the large shinigami – Mahoraga. It’s talked about that Mahoraga can learn enemy assaults, adapt to any scenario, and overcome it with none issue. Furthermore, not a single particular person from the Zenin clan has been in a position to tame Mahoraga, and a member of the Gojo household was defeated by it previously. However Sukuna used Malevolent Shrine to attain this feat within the Shibuya Arc.

Along with that, Sukuna has additionally tamed the Spherical Deer, which is able to therapeutic itself and its person. The primary benefit of getting management of this shinigami is that it could damage the opponent’s management over cursed vitality with its constructive vitality (reverse cursed method). This mixture is simply ridiculous, and we will’t predict which path the combat will go. However, the mix of those powers actually makes Sukuna probably the most highly effective curse person in the intervening time.

Throughout a flashback within the Shibuya Incident arc (manga chapter 117), Gojo talked about {that a} Ten Shadows method person was in a position to efficiently defeat a Limitless cursed method person with Six Eyes. The identical battle is about to interrupt out on December 24 within the manga, however this time Sukuna has his personal cursed strategies in his arsenal together with the Ten Shadows method.

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So was this a foreshadowing and the historical past will repeat once more? It’s a transparent and dependable reply to the query – who will win this combat? However, let’s not underestimate Gojo sensei. Gojo has grown rather a lot when it comes to energy. He’s the strongest there may be in any case and is fairly assured and sanguine about this energy. He’s that man and solely he can rewrite the historical past by defeating Sukuna. We is not going to solely see Gojo make use of his hand-to-hand fight abilities but additionally strategies extra highly effective than Hole Purple to presumably defeat Mahoraga (it’s tough however doable) earlier than transferring on to tackle Sukuna head-on.

Gojo vs Sukuna: Jujutsu Kaisen’s Last Outcome

As we talked about, the Sukuna vs Gojo battle can go in any path, as each of them are completely highly effective. However nonetheless, Gege can shock us in some ways and have our jaws contact the ground with a plot twist or exceptional combat panels within the manga.

At this second, Sukuna is highly effective and with the varied cursed strategies (his and Megumi’s) at his disposal, he’s going to present Gojo a troublesome time. On the identical time, Gojo is second to none and is probably the most highly effective within the JJK universe. The one query that everybody appears to need a solution to is – how will Gojo outsmart or overpower Sukuna regardless of being in a disadvantageous scenario. Solely time will give us that reply, so let’s anticipate it.

And that’s every little thing we all know concerning the battle between these two godly characters. We’ve come to this conclusion primarily based on all of the information that had been introduced to us up to now over 200+ chapters. With that stated, we’ll incessantly replace this text with new data that we get in new chapters within the upcoming months. So, keep tuned and observe this battle with us to be taught who will emerge victorious on the finish. Within the meantime, who do you suppose is stronger between these two — Sukuna or Gojo? And why? Let’s focus on all the probabilities within the feedback beneath.

Steadily Requested Questions

Is Gojo stronger than Sukuna?

As of proper now, Sukuna has eaten 15 out of 20 of his fingers and has full management over Megumi’s physique and the cool Ten Shadows method. Prior to now, Gojo asserted that he may defeat Sukuna even when he had consumed his 20 fingers, however issues are totally different this time. Due to this fact, in our opinion, Sukuna is stronger than Gojo when considering his powers and talents proper now.

Would Gojo be capable of beat Sukuna?

Sure! Gojo is presently the one Jujutsu grasp sorcerer in existence who’s able to defeating Sukuna. It is going to be recreation over for Sukuna if he comes up with new skills of their battle.

Who can beat Sukuna with 20 fingers?

Even when Sukuna eats all 20 of his fingers and reaches the peak of his skills, Gojo stated that it will be a bit draining however he’ll be capable of defeat the King of Curses on the finish of the day. Naturally, Gojo believes he’ll conquer Sukuna.

Featured Picture Courtesy: Jujutsu Kaisen by Gege Akutami – Chapter 221 (Shonen Leap/ Viz Media)

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