John Oliver’s claim to own Tony Armstrong’s mother’s scarf

It appears that John Oliver was not successful in his attempt to obtain Tony Armstrong’s mother’s scarf from the other side of the world. Sincerely, I cannot express how relieved I am.

If you somehow managed to miss it, the now-iconic scene in which Tony went absolutely nuts on ABC breakfast television after the Socceroos won their qualifying World Cup playoff has made its way around the world.

You may recall that a fan was successful in stealing the scarf that Armstrong was wearing; in fact, the scarf belonged to Armstrong’s mother. It is an extremely wonderful scarf that has a gorgeous color pattern going on that consists of beige and brown in two different tones. To tell you the truth, I’d have to fight the urge to steal it myself.

After that, John Oliver discussed the event on this week’s episode of Last Week Tonight. Congratulations to everyone in the United States who was able to watch the most joyful moment in Australian television history for the first time today.

Then, in the most surprising turn of events, Oliver said that he really did have the famous scarf.

We can breathe a sigh of relief now that ABC News Breakfast’s Very Serious Journalists have checked that allegation with the facts.This is the essence of what reporting entails.

On this morning’s edition of the breakfast show, hosts Michael Rowland and Lisa Millar discussed the Last Week Tonight piece.

Rowland said after the video was shown, “John Oliver is a great comedian and a great host, but he’s also a fraud.”

The scene then abruptly shifted to Tony Armstrong, who was likewise sitting on the couch while wearing the scarf that his mother had given him. We give thanks to God for this.

Armstrong explained his meaning by referring to “the enchantment of TV.”

“Did it seem to you that the quality of his was not quite the same as yours?”
The talk evolved into a mocking of the scarf quite soon. Millar also mentioned that she believed Oliver’s scarf was shorter, which led her to say something along the lines of “right, grab him and his prop department.”

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“Take a note of that, John,” Armstrong instructed.

Wow, it looks like Four Corners is really rumbling. This is the kind of in-depth reporting that I hope the ABC will provide.

It is a huge relief to see that magnificent scarf back on its owner’s neck, where it belongs, and ready for more antics to be shown live on television.ABC’s Breakfast Show fact-checked. John Oliver’s claim to own Tony Armstrong’s mother’s scarf

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