World on Fire Season 2 Release Date: All You Need To Know!

World on Fire Season 2: Peter Bowker created the World on Fire television programme, a British war drama. The television show is set during World War II and depicts how the conflict affects everyday people’s lives throughout Europe.

The popular drama World on Fire is returning to WWII to continue the stories of common people caught up in a conflict after a successful debut season on PBS Masterpiece and BBC.

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Release Date for World on Fire Season 2

World on Fire Season 2 Release Date

As of the time of writing, the series’ release date has not been disclosed. Given that Season 3’s filming began in 2021, its premiere might occur in the latter part of 2022 or the first half of 2023.

Cast of World on Fire season 2

Rich and emotionally repressed mother Robina Chase will once again be played by Lesley Manville (Mum, Sherwood), while her son Harry, an interpreter at the British embassy in Warsaw who later received a commission in the British Army, will be played by Jonah Hauer-King (Little Women).

While Zofia Wichlacz reprises her role as Kasia, a courageous Polish liberation fighter, Julia Brown will reprise her role as Lois, a gifted singer and factory worker from Manchester.

Blake Harrison, star of the Inbetweeners, returns as Harry’s platoon sergeant Stan Raddings, Eugénie Derouand reprises her role as Henriette, a Jewish nurse in Nazi Paris, Eryk Biedunkiewicz takes on the role of Jan, Kasia’s youngest brother, and Cel Spellman (Cold Feet) will once more portray Joe, a member of Harry’s platoon.

Mark Bonnar (Guilt, Line of Duty) will play Sir James Danemere in series two. Ahad Raza Mir (Resident Evil, Hum Tum) will play Rajib, and Gregg Sulkin (Runaways, Pretty Smart) will play David.

It is unclear at this time if Doctor Who actor Arthur Darvill will reprise his role as RAF pilot Vernon Hunter or World War One veteran and pacifist Douglas Bennett as played by Sean Bean. We’ll keep you informed when more new and returning cast members are revealed by the BBC.

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What can we anticipate from the World on Fire season 2 storyline?

World on Fire Season 2 Release Date

The good news is that despite the pandemic delaying production, “World on Fire” season 2 will still air. The bad news is that there haven’t really been any plot updates from the creators.

Peter Bowker, the show’s creator, revealed to Radio Times that the character arcs had been mapped out for six seasons. I know what happens to the key characters over the course of six series, he boasted in a 2019 interview.

When pitching a sitcom, the question “What happens in episode three of series four?” is frequently asked.

“What happens to this individual in the end? You can’t be English about it if you don’t know.

Just because the show has been renewed for Season 2 doesn’t mean that it will be renewed for a sixth season. Bowker and the cast have, though, given us a few suggestions about what to anticipate when the programme returns.

Due to the epidemic, “World on Firefilming “‘s had to be put on hold. It was initially supposed to start in March. However, it was confirmed in the comments of an Instagram post from the show’s official account in October 2020 that filming would start in the summer of 2021. Season 2’s premiere date has not yet been announced.

A second season of “World on Fire” has also been confirmed for PBS Masterpiece Theater, although the website admonished that it is “too early” to specify how many episodes it will include or the specific cast.

Keep checking back for further updates on the series’ storyline!

Trailer for World on Fire season 2

The trailer for the second season has not yet been made public. You can currently view the Season 1 trailer by clicking here:

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