Who is Marisia Burton? Is Marisia Still Missing?

Who is Marisia Burton? What has Marisia Burton been up to? Is Marisa Burton still unaccounted for? We have found a tonne of additional searches on the internet. Marisia Burton, a 19-year-old employee at Orlando’s Walt Disney World Resort, hasn’t been seen since December 22, 2022.

We will provide you all the details regarding Marisa Burton and her disappearance in this article. Please read the entire article to learn more about this.

Marisia Burton: who is she?

Who is Marisia Burton

Marisia Burton, a 19-year-old from Houston, Texas, was last seen on December 22 while she was residing in Central Florida.

Her sister wrote on social media that Burton is described as being 5’6 and weighing around 130 lbs, with black hair and brown eyes.

Burton was last seen on December 22 and was just recently discovered to be alive. Where Burton was discovered and the circumstances of her disappearance are still unknown.

Marisia Burton vanished when?

Marisia Burton, a 19-year-old employee at Orlando’s Walt Disney World Resort, hasn’t been seen since December 22, 2022. She was reportedly last seen in the Disney employees’ housing complex in Flamingo Crossings East in Winter Garden, Florida, before going missing.

One of her coworkers claimed that Burton had told her sister that she would rather end the internship programme than risk losing her job for skipping a day of work as word of her disappearance spread.

Burton’s fellow Disney College Program interns (CPs) tweeted on social media that an employee may be fired if they missed a day of work at Disney College Program without a valid excuse, despite the fact that the information hasn’t been validated.

Additional details

Marisia Burton had been residing in Orlando as part of the Disney College Program since January 2022.

Her last known whereabouts was close to her home in the Disney-affiliated housing complex Flamingo Crossings East.

There are no other details regarding Burton that can be disclosed at this time.

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Marisia Burton: Where Is She Now?

Who is Marisia Burton

Burton spoke with Houston Police in person on January 2, according to the OCSO’s report on Tuesday.

Officials reiterated that there is no basis for suspicion that anyone committed a wrongdoing in this instance. One tweet reads:

#MarisiaBurton, who was reported missing in Orange County on December 25th, spoke with Houston Police in person on January 2nd. told them that she was not missing, was safe, and requested to be removed off the missing persons list. There is still no basis for suspicion of criminal activity in this situation.

Her sister informed everyone that Marisa Burton had been located and was secure in a post on Instagram.

Marisia Burton: Was she abducted?

When Burton, a teenager, was spotted last night with an unidentified older male, his family posted a request for assistance on social media. “HELP!!!! My niece went to a Houston police station with an unfamiliar man to have her name removed from the list of missing individuals. My sister was phoned by the police station and instructed to arrive immediately. ORLANDO IS WHERE WE ARE! SHE IS BEING SOLD, I SAY!

The close relative of Burton asked anyone who could go to the police station since Burton’s immediate family was still out of town. “STOP THIS MAN FROM TAKING HER, EVERYONE WHO CAN GET TO 2202 ST. EMANUEL HOUSTON, TEXAS!

She will be in Mexico if he travels there with her! The tweet with images stated, “THIS IS HER IN THE BACK OF THAT CAR, WITH THIS GUY.” However, she was discovered safe and with evidence that she was not abducted.

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