10 Strongest Female Demon Slayer Characters (Ranked)

The Demon Slayer anime options one of the vital various units of characters, starting from highly effective demons to supernatural people. However what really stands out in Demon Slayer are the feminine characters within the sequence. Whereas we will’t say it breaks the stereotypes of the style, we do have a plethora of highly effective feminine icons within the anime, considered one of whom even performs an essential function in defeating the principle villain. However who’s probably the most highly effective amongst them? Let’s reply this and a bunch of different questions with our ranked listing of strongest feminine characters in Demon Slayer.

Greatest Feminine Demon Slayer Characters (2023)

Spoiler WarningOur ranked information goes over numerous features of the plot to evaluate the power of Demon Slayer characters. So, we propose you both learn your entire manga or keep away from the descriptions whereas studying forward.

1. Nezuko

Nezuko, additionally part of our strongest characters within the Demon Slayer listing, is likely one of the strongest feminine characters within the anime. Simply by being a demon, she is extra highly effective than all of the human characters within the sequence. And she can also be the one demon who can face up to the solar, making her virtually unkillable. To not neglect, she has given testomony to her energy in opposition to numerous upper-rank demons within the manga.

She has overpowered robust demons, together with Daki, Gyutaro, Susamaru, and even Hantengu, the Higher-Rank 4. Additionally, whereas all different demons depend on human flesh and blood to regenerate and attain energy, Nezuko is self-sufficient and solely depends on correct sleep. Now, her preventing abilities are subpar, however a well-rested Nezuko is highly effective sufficient to face in opposition to nearly anybody. It’s solely fortunate that she was on the facet of the Demon Slayer Corps as a substitute of Muzan.

2. Daki 

Daki - Female Demon Slayer Characters
  • Kind: Demon
  • Rank: Higher Rank Six

Daki, the Higher-Rank Six demon, is likely one of the antagonists of the Leisure District arc and a grasp at flesh manipulation. She has killed seven Hashiras in her lifetime and was capable of management a whole district with no effort simply due to her wits. We’re inserting her second to Nezuko solely due to her dependence on her brother Gyutaro.

Although, her energy is way better than his. Daki’s foremost skill is manipulating her Obi (conventional Japanese belt), which may work by itself to slash enemies from afar. There may be nearly no solution to counter or dodge her assault due to its pace and a number of factors of contact. For the reason that Obi is sentient, Daki doesn’t even have to fret about totally controlling her assaults. If our heroes needed to combat Daki one-on-one, there isn’t a manner Daki wouldn’t have emerged victorious.

3. Mitsuri Kanroji 

Mitsuri Kanroji
  • Kind: Human
  • Rank: Love Hashira

As you would possibly know, Hashiras are the strongest swordsmen within the Demon Slayer world, however only some come near Mitsuri after we discuss bodily power. Because the Love Hashira, she seems to be comparatively pleasant and innocent, however she turns right into a powerhouse when a demon seems in entrance of her. You would not have to take our phrase for it, because the upcoming Season 3 of Demon Slayer anime places her proper in the midst of the motion.

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Mitsuri makes use of a whip-like extra-long Nichirn sword to kill demons. Controlling this sword not solely takes immense power but in addition excessive flexibility. Nobody aside from Mitsuri would be capable of use her blade with out harming themselves. By way of her achievements, she contributed to fights in opposition to Gyokko, Hantengu, and even Nakime within the Infinity Fort arc. To not neglect, Mitsuri even shocked Muzan along with her assaults in direction of the tip of the manga.

4. Kanao Tsuyuri

Kanao Tsuyuri Female Demon Slayer Characters

For those who solely watch anime, you may be shocked to see Kanao on our listing of highly effective feminine characters in Demon Slayer. However the manga readers are undoubtedly aware of her contribution all through the plot. She makes use of Flower Respiration similar to her sister Kanae however can also be extremely expert in her sense and has an incomparable will. Even Tanjiro, our protagonist, claimed that her abilities have been nearly as good as a Hashira when he first met her.

Coming to her contributions, Kanao was an enormous assist in killing Doma, the third strongest demon in existence. Furthermore, she can also be the one one who is ready to break Doma’s temperament and shatter his act of understanding feelings. This ultimately results in Doma’s fall. Later, even after taking heavy injury and being partially blind, Kanao performs a serious function within the finale battle in opposition to Muzan. To not neglect, if it wasn’t for her bravery and fast pondering, Tanjiro would have completely was a demon.

5. Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu Kocho Female Demon Slayer Characters
  • Kind: Human
  • Rank: Insect Hashira

Shinobu, the insect Hashira, is likely one of the fan-favorite feminine characters in Demon Slayer. She can also be probably the most distinctive swordsman within the anime. As a substitute of counting on her bodily power, she neatly makes use of Wisteria poison (dangerous for less than demons) to weaken demons after which simply slices their necks along with her katana. Her approach is just not solely unconventional but in addition extremely efficient.

Weaker demons can’t even transfer after being caught by her toxic middle-like sword. Questioning what different distinctive swords are there on this anime? Discover our devoted information to Demon Slayer swords to know extra.

In terms of her talents, Shinobu’s pace is comparable, if not better than Tengen’s. She even shocked Higher-Rank Two demon, Doma, along with her unpredictable strikes. Doma claimed she was the quickest Hashira he had ever met, and even extreme accidents couldn’t sluggish her down. Moreover, her experience in medical analysis and toxic research can also be fairly spectacular. Throughout her combat with the spider demon household, she is the one who prevents Zenitsu from turning right into a spider by countering the poison.

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6. Nakime

Nakime Female Demon Slayer Characters
  • Kind: Demon
  • Rank: Higher Rank 4

Nakime is a posh feminine character in Demon Slayer. Whereas she ranks because the fifth strongest demon within the anime, we don’t really get to see her in any direct fight. However she, kind of, doesn’t even should combat. She is the mastermind behind Infinity Fort, a dimensional airplane the place Muzan and the twelve strongest demons meet. Nakime has the facility to control her dimension nonetheless she needs. This consists of creating infinite rooms, always altering areas, looping portals, and even inescapable puzzles.

It’s so tough to overpower her that even after the demise of the likes of Doma, she is the final surviving member of the Twelve Kizuki earlier than the ultimate combat. Later, to forestall his enemies from controlling her, Muzan was the one who ended up killing her. If Nakime had extra combat-based intentions, there’s no telling how harmful she may have been.

7. Mukago 

  • Kind: Demon
  • Rank: Decrease Rank 4

Mukago is sort of as distinctive as Nezuko in terms of demons within the anime. As acknowledged by Muzan by way of his mind-reading skill, she wasn’t desirous about preventing the Demon Slayers Corps and acted cowardly. Moreover, we don’t even get to see her talents in motion. However as she was ranked larger than Kamanue and Kyogai, the demon with drum-based slashes, it’s secure to imagine that Mukago was highly effective. The latter simply overpowered Inosuke and Tanjiro throughout the Tsuzumi Mansion arc.

Furthermore, Demon Slayer additionally included different highly effective demons, together with Susamaru and members of the spider household, that by no means make it to the Twelve Kizuki. So, Mukago’s energy wants no testomony. But seeing her in motion is a missed alternative that the fandom has to dwell with.

8. Kanae Kocho 

Kanae Kocho  - 1
  • Kind: Human
  • Rank: Flower Hashira

Regardless that she is just not a part of the principle plot, the late Flower Hashira Kanae is likely one of the most beloved characters among the many Hashiras in Demon Slayer. From what we all know, she misplaced her life to accidents inflicted by Doma, the third strongest demon within the present. However earlier than doing so, she stood her floor for hours till dawn. On the time, Kanae was enormously injured and fully helpless. Nonetheless, Doma wasn’t robust sufficient to complete her off and needed to flee at dawn.

Moreover, whereas possessing plain power, Kanae was additionally a masterful poison person like Shinobu. However as a substitute of compromising her blade, she used a uniquely designed sword that would inject poison into the demon whereas slicing them off. This allowed Kanae to combat demons with out relying totally on the Wisteria poison.

9. Tamayo


Those that have seen the anime are aware of the healer Tamayo, who can also be a demon. Tamayo is likely one of the most essential feminine characters in Demon Slayer. As you’ll be taught later, it could have been unimaginable for Demon Slayer Corps to defeat the Higher Ranks, not to mention Muzan, with out her support. Alongside Nezuko, she is the second demon to cooperate with the Demon Slayer Corps. However she is far more historical and assumably much less highly effective when in comparison with different demons.

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She was on the facet of Muzan even earlier than the Twelve Kizuki have been a factor. However later, she switched sides and labored on defeating demons. Even her Blood Demon Artwork appears to be focused principally towards demons. She will be able to solid particular spells utilizing her blood, together with the flexibility to make demons hallucinate and even confess their lies.

Although, what makes Tamayo really highly effective is her medical abilities. She is the first individual to transform a human right into a demon with out Muzan’s blood, which was believed to be unimaginable. Later, she additionally got here up with antidotes for blood demon accidents and even a drug that would weaken Muzan and switch demons into people. One may name her medical abilities overpowered, to say the least.

10. Susamaru


Final however undoubtedly not the least entry on our listing of strongest feminine characters in Demon Slayer is Susamaru. This highly effective multi-handed demon is the principle villain of the Asakusa Arc. Regardless that she was not part of Twelve Kizuki, she simply overwhelmed Tanjiro and Nezuko. Whereas the latter tried to combat again, it wasn’t straightforward to match Susumaru’s pace and power.

Her foremost skill was manipulating a gaggle of Temaris, that are conventional Japanese handballs. Her strikes have been highly effective sufficient to destroy the enemy’s limbs, however to make issues worse, every Temari adopted its goal like a acutely aware being. Whereas Susamaru’s power is similar to extra highly effective demons, we will’t say the identical about her wits.

What led to Susamaru’s eventual demise was talking out Muzan’s title, which prompts a demonic curse. She did it out of sheer anger and lack of pondering. If Susamaru had made it to the Higher Ranks, we will’t think about the ability set required to match and combat her.

Meet the Strongest Demon Slayer Feminine Characters

Whether or not you’re a fan of Nezuko’s highly effective strikes or Tamayo’s gifted thoughts, you now know the place the feminine characters in Demon Slayer rank in opposition to one another. However, in case you increase your horizons, characters like Makima from Chainsaw Man can simply crush most of them. So, we additionally recommend you learn our listing of the strongest devils from Chainsaw Man. As an idea, they’re much like demons in Demon Slayer however in terms of energy, they’re similar to the demon king Muzan. With that mentioned, do you agree with our rankings? Or did you’ve another person in thoughts for the strongest feminine character of Demon Slayer? Inform us within the feedback under!

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