One Piece Swords and Its Grades (A Complete Guide)

As everyone knows, the One Piece universe presents tons of distinctive powers like satan fruits, haki, and extra. So typically, a basic energy system like swords will get overshadowed by all of the weird superpowers. However don’t let this distract you from the truth that swords are one of many legendary weapons in One Piece. We’ve got seen numerous highly effective swords and their befitting biggest swordsmen all through the present. So, in case you’re inquisitive about them, now we have created a information that will help you perceive the swords, their classification, their grades, and their powers. Learn on to study concerning the swords and their grades in One Piece and turn out to be a sword fanatic like Tashigi.

Spoiler Warning: This text incorporates spoilers concerning the swords and swordsmen in One Piece. So be sure that to look at the One Piece anime or learn the manga earlier than to keep away from ruining your expertise.

How Are Swords Labeled in One Piece

Earlier than we get into the classification of swords, let’s recap the completely different sorts of blades that exist. There are numerous sorts of swords akin to Cutlass, Katana, Nodachi, Longsword, and so on. on the earth of One Piece. All these distinct blades come below one time period “sword,” and so they have a normal classification. So in case you are questioning how the swords are labeled and on what foundation, examine them right here:

Picture Courtesy – One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Fandom)

Meito is a phrase that interprets as “Common Sword or Famend Sword” in English. So that you already know the underlying context of it. Any swords that got names and purchased their very own popularity are thought to be Meito. It needs to be remembered that Meito contains all weapons, even these with out blades like staffs, polearms, and so on.

Enjoyable Truth: Even all the way down to the variety of blades per class, the Meito-grade swords within the One Piece universe bear an uncanny similarity to the Wazamono categorization of swords in actuality. In One Piece, the variety of Grade Swords is unknown, whereas the real-world system has 80 Grade Blades. Thus, there are a complete of 163 ranked blades in actuality.

All Meito swords are a signal of remarkable high quality and fame. They’re the merchandise of grasp swordsmiths, and as at all times, outstanding swordsmen wield them. The truth that the sword decides who will wield additionally it is emphasised. In conclusion, all Meito swords are regarded to be extraordinarily priceless and able to utter destruction within the fingers of a talented swordsman.

There are 4 completely different grades of Meito swords: Supreme Grade Blades (Saijō Ō Wazamono), Nice Grade Blades (Ō Wazamono), Skillful Grade Blades (Ryō Wazamono), and Grade Blades (Wazamono). The 4 Meito grades are coated in additional element beneath.

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Yōtō (Cursed Swords)

An image of cursed swords in One Piece.
Picture Courtesy – One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Fandom)

This can be a weird classification, but an necessary one. Yōtō actually means cursed blades. Because the identify suggests, the Yōtō blades are mentioned to be cursed and recognized to deliver horrific loss of life or huge struggling or misfortune to their wielder. So one shouldn’t mess with these swords until they’re able to rewriting their destiny.

All three Kitetsu swords specifically Sandai Kitetsu, Nidai Kitetsu, and Shodai Kitetsu are cursed swords. One other common cursed sword named Kikoku is owned by none aside from Trafalgar Regulation.

Kokuto (Black Swords)

An image of black swords in One Piece.
Picture Courtesy – One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Crunchyroll)

This can be a particular sort of sword and what makes them particular is that Kokuto (Black Swords) are extra highly effective than peculiar swords. So, how does a sword turn out to be a black sword? This have to be the query working by way of your thoughts, it’s easy. A standard sword turns into a black sword after it has been imbued with Armament Haki (a kind of Haki in One Piece) and utilized in quite a few battles all through time. The non permanent black coating of Armament Haki will flip right into a everlasting one over time, and thus, a black sword is born.

Nevertheless, that is solely a quick overview and the precise steps to create a black sword haven’t been revealed but. However we all know that Armament Haki/ Busoshoku Haki is the important thing. As we talked about earlier, black swords are probably the most highly effective weapons, and as soon as a swordsman is ready to flip their sword right into a black sword, the sword’s grade will increase a stage mechanically. Black swords have immense energy, are extremely resilient and sharp, and whatnot.

How Are Swords Graded in One Piece

Now that now we have coated the classification of swords, it’s time to study concerning the completely different sword grades in One Piece. It’s a easy and simple idea like the previous. As talked about earlier, Meito has 4 completely different grades, specifically Supreme Grade, Nice Grade, Skillful Grade, and Grade. There’s a particular case right here, the place some Meito swords don’t have a grade and are referred to as ungraded swords.

Supreme Grade Blades (Saijō Ō Wazamono)

An image of Supreme Grade Blades in One Piece.
Picture Courtesy – One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Crunchyroll)

The Supreme Grade Blades are the very best high quality swords in existence within the One Piece world. There are solely twelve Supreme Grade swords in One Piece. Because of this, take into account these blades like a particular version of swords, that are extraordinarily uncommon.

Solely the best swordsmen and probably the most highly effective characters in One Piece have been capable of get their fingers on these weapons. One of these sword is the most effective within the recreation proper now. And as one can predict, a fantastic swordsman can carry out inconceivable feats with them if they’re extremely expert in swordsmanship.

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One other attention-grabbing facet of Supreme Grade swords is that they’re extraordinarily sturdy, as they’ll stand up to the mightiest of blows and stay unscratched. Solely 4 out of 12 Supreme Grade Blades are referred to as of now, they’re:

Supreme Grade Blades Wielders
Yoru Dracule Mihawk
Ace Gol D. Roger
Murakumogiri Whitebeard
Shodai Kitetsu Unknown

Nice Grade Blades (Ō Wazamono)

An image of Great Grade Blades in One Piece.
Picture Courtesy – One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Crunchyroll)

The second-highest high quality blades subsequent to the Supreme Grade are the Nice Grade Blade. There are 21 of them as of now within the One Piece universe. All these blades are second solely to the highest-ever high quality blades and are unimaginable on their very own. These blades possess mighty energy with nice sharpness.

The Nice Grade Blades are extremely sturdy to face up to highly effective blows. The extra attention-grabbing take is that this sword can do wonders within the fingers of an excellent swordsman! For instance — Oden was ready to make use of his Enma and Ame no Habakiri towards Roger’s Ace and Whitebeard’s Murokumogiri (Two Supreme Grade Blades). A number of the recognized Nice Grade Blades in One Piece are:

Nice Grade Blades Wielders
Enma Zoro
Ame no Habakiri Kozuki Momonosuke
Shusui Returned to Wano Nation (Ryuma’s Grave)
Nidai Kitetsu Kozuki Sukiyaki
Wado Ichimonji Zoro

Skillful Grade Blades (Ryō Wazamono)

An image of Skillful Grade Blades in One Piece.
Picture Courtesy – One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Crunchyroll)

Up subsequent, now we have the Skillful Grade Blades, these are actually good-quality swords in One Piece and are the third highest-quality swords in existence. There are a complete of 50 Skillful Grade Blades. These swords possess nice energy and sharpness, however they’re extraordinarily lightweight when in comparison with different swords

Moreover, swordsmen who like to do quick assaults could make use of those blades in an effective way. They’re sturdy however not wonderful just like the above two grades. For instance — the Yubashiri sword (one in all Zoro’s Swords in One Piece) was destroyed by a Marine. A number of the Skillful Grade Blades in One Piece are:

Skillful Grade Blades Wielders
Yubashiri Zoro
Kashu Tashigi
Yamaoroshi Tashigi

Grade Blades (Wazamono)

An image of Grade Blades in One Piece.
Picture Courtesy – One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Crunchyroll)

The Grade Blades are the final one within the 4 grades and have the fourth-highest high quality swords on the earth of One Piece. In the intervening time, the precise variety of the Grade Blades within the present is unknown. They’re recognized to own good energy and sharpness, thus, their slicing energy is nice.

Moreover, these swords are tremendously resilient too. Regardless of being within the lowest grade stage, they’re nonetheless extra distinctive than peculiar swords. The Grade Blades we all know to date are:

Grade Blades Wielders
Sandai Kitetsu Zoro
Shigure Tashigi

Ungraded Blades (Iretsu Nashi)

An image of Ungraded Blades in One Piece.
Picture Courtesy – One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Fandom)

That is one other weird case and is properly referred to as an Ungraded Blade. Because the identify suggests, these blades don’t have a grade like others however this doesn’t even imply that they’re weak blades. Thus, they’re distinctive in their very own means and may be highly effective sufficient relying upon the swordsmen.

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For instance — Kaido’s Hassaikai, a kanabo-type weapon is taken into account to be a famed ungraded blade after the accolades he received with this weapon. A number of the famend ungraded blades are:

Ungraded Blades Wielders
Hassaikai Kaido
Kikoku Trafalgar Regulation
Sukesan and Kakusan Kin’emon

Unknown Grade Blades (Iretsu Fumei)

An image of Gryphon in One Piece.
Picture Courtesy – One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Fandom)

As soon as once more, because the title reveals, unknown-grade blades are these whose grades are unknown as of now. As there are a lot of common swords on this listing, we hope to see the manga creator reveal the grades of those blades quickly. On the similar time, they’ll stay as it’s too. Therefore, solely time will give us the reply. A number of the common unknown-grade blades are:

Unknown Grade Blades Wielders
Gryphon Shanks
Raiu Shiryu
Warabide Sword Basil Hawkins
Napolean Charlotte Linlin
Pretzel Charlotte Cracker

Unnamed Swords

Different uncommon circumstances now we have in One Piece are the next swords, that are confirmed to be Meito, however their names aren’t recognized in the intervening time. Right here’s what we find out about them proper now:

  • Kozuki Sukiyaki’s unknown sword that was seen within the Wano Nation arc.
  • Darkish King Silvers Rayleigh’s sword, which we noticed within the Roger Pirates vs Whitebeard Pirates battle.
  • Whitebeard Pirates’ fifth-division commander Vista’s swords that have been proven within the Marineford arc.
  • Admiral Fujitora’s sword that was seen within the Dressrosa arc.
An image of HItetsu in One Piece.
Picture Courtesy – One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Fandom)

There are a number of famend swordsmiths around the globe of One Piece, who’re well-known among the many followers for his or her masterpiece swords. A number of the common swordsmiths in One Piece are:

Swordsmiths Their Swords
Shimotsuki Kozaburo Enma and Wado Ichimonji
Tenguyama Hitetsu Sandai Kitetsu and Ame no Habakiri
Kotetsu Nidai Kitetsu
Kitetsu Shodai Kitetsu

Steadily Requested Questions

What are the grades of One Piece swords?

There are 4 grades of Meito swords in One Piece. They’re Supreme Grade Blades (Saijō Ō Wazamono), Nice Grade Blades (Ō Wazamono), Skillful Grade Blades (Ryō Wazamono), and Grade Blades (Wazamono).

What are the highest-grade swords in One Piece?

The Supreme Grade Blades (Saijō Ō Wazamono) are the very best grade swords in One Piece proper now. There are 12 Supreme Grade Blades within the One Piece world, however we solely find out about 4 of them at present.

What grade is Zoro’s sword?

The grades of the Zoro’s present three swords are as follows:
1. Enma – Nice Grade Blade
2. Wado Ichimonji – Nice Grade Blade
3. Sandai Kitetsu – Grade Blade

What grade is Gol D Roger’s sword?

Gol D. Roger’s sword, Ace is among the 12 Supreme Grade Blades, that are the very best high quality swords to be produced within the One Piece world.

What grade is Whitebeard’s sword?

Murakumogiri, Whitebeard’s sword, is among the 12 Supreme Grade Blades, that are the best swords to be ever made.

A substantial amount of data was revealed about these swords within the Wano Nation arc, and we hope to study much more in future arcs in One Piece. Moreover, there are additionally numerous swords whose grades are to be revealed too. In the meantime, inform us about your favourite swords in One Piece within the feedback beneath.

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