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One Piece Chapter 1073 has been launched and Oda sensei bombarded us with info. Who’s the precise Stussy? Is Weevil actually Whitebeard’s Son? And the title of the Gorosei. All will probably be revealed in One Piece Chapter 1074.

All these questions have been answered in chapter 1073 of One Piece. However we followers are grasping and at all times need extra of it. Sadly, One Piece will probably be on break for the following week.

And it’s for the Oda sensei, so he might take a correct relaxation and are available once more with extra superb chapters.

Since 1997, the yr when One Piece manga began publishing, this was the primary time we get some details about Gorosei immediately from Oda sensei. The hype is getting hyper and followers can’t hold their calm.

So, shouldn’t we assist our nakamas. We’ve got taken on the duty to tell you all in regards to the new launch date of One Piece Chapter 1074 and together with some spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 1074 Launch Date

As everyone knows by now that subsequent week there’s going to be a break for Oda sensei to care for his well being. So, the One Piece Chapter 1074 will probably be launched per week after that, on the 11th Weekly Shonen Soar.

To be exact, One Piece Chapter 1074 will formally launch on 13th February 2023 at 12:00 am, in accordance with Japan time (JST).

For different areas, see the next:

Pacific Daylight Time: 7:00 am (12th February)

Central Daylight Time: 9:00 am (12th February)

Japanese Daylight Time: 10:00 am (12th February)

British Summertime: 3:00 pm (12th February)

Central European Summer season: 4:00 pm (12th February)

Indian Normal time: 8:30 pm (12th February)

Philippine time: 11:00 pm (12th February)

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Australian Central Daylight Time: 01:30 pm (13th February)

You possibly can learn a digital copy of One Piece chapter 1074 on websites like MangaPlus and Viz Media. These websites at all times have the official translation of Shonen mangas that included One Piece.

Leaks and spoilers of One Piece Chapter 1074 will arrive 3-5 days earlier than the official launch.

One Piece 1074 Predictions and Theories

Why Saturn, one of many 5 Elders, is on the transfer to Egghead Island. It could be one thing relating to recovering the Seraphims.

World Authorities wouldn’t wish to go away such harmful weapons within the hand of Vegapunk, being a traitor to the World Authorities. If Vegapunk nonetheless possessed the Seraphims, the Navy would by no means dare to go after him, which may additionally embrace Strawhats as Vegapunk goes with them.

We would additionally see a panel on Bonney and Vegapunk (possibly in his baby kind), as we didn’t see them in chapter 1073. Vegapunk will inform Bonney in regards to the Kuma’s previous. We all know that it was Kuma’s will, that it was Kuma himself who requested Vegapunk to change his physique. However we have no idea why he did that, or if somebody had made him do this.

Additionally, now that every one CP-0 members are neutralized, Strawhats have such a simple solution to flee off the island, however they first have to regroup with one another and in addition with Vegapunk and Bonney who’re each lacking.

Whereas they’re escaping, they are going to be chased by Kizaru and Saturn. And there are additionally rumors spreading round that because the combat between Kiraru and the navy drags on, Saturn will himself enter the battle. Saturn will overpower Luffy in his Gear-5.

It will present us why they’re known as the 5 Elders, who rule above all. And possibly, we will probably be launched to a extra highly effective type of haki.

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5 Elders and the Historical Weapons.

There’s a concept going round associated to the names of the 5 Elders. We now know that one of many 5 Elders known as Saturn and the three Historical Weapons are known as Pluton, Poseidon, and Uranus.

As Poseidon can be known as Neptune by the Romans, the Historical Weapons are named after the planets. And now Oda sensei revealed the title of the Elder as Saturn.

Oda sensei would by no means title him Saturn for enjoyable and we all know his fashion, no matter issues are associated or are interpreted on this world are additionally associated in One Piece.

We see some similarities in these names, as all of them are the names of the planets of our Photo voltaic System. Perhaps the opposite 4 Elders have names associated to the planets. And the final one who has a reputation of a planet out of the 9 planets is hiding from the 5 Elders and/or is ready for the Solar God to correctly manifest.

In historical time, possibly, these 9 folks named after 9 planets have been followers of the Solar God, as in actuality, the Solar is a powerhouse that controls the 9 planets within the Photo voltaic System.

5 out of these 9 folks grew to become traitors due to the affect of Imu-sama and conceal all this info with a purpose to be in energy perpetually.

We will probably be right here with the most recent One Piece Chapter 1074 uncooked scans and early Reddit spoilers quickly. So keep tuned with Latest Highlights for all the most recent information.

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