15 Best Female Characters in Naruto (Ranked)

There are numerous wonderful feminine characters in Naruto, similar to in One Piece (see the very best feminine characters in One Piece right here). Every of them performed a significant position within the sequence and efficiently received our hearts within the anime. From the prodigious Sakura to the underrated Karin, let’s check out the very best feminine characters in Naruto.

Spoiler Warning: This text comprises spoilers in regards to the feminine characters in Naruto. We advise you watch the anime or learn the manga first to keep away from ruining the supposed expertise.

Primarily based on their energy, characterization, recognition, and the way they assist their characters stand out, now we have compiled an inventory of the highest 15 feminine characters in Naruto. With that mentioned, let’s get began.

1. Tsunade

Picture Courtesy – Naruto by Pierrot Animation Studios (Fandom)

Arms down, Tsunade is the very best feminine character within the Naruto universe. She hails from each the highly effective Senju and Uzumaki clans, and it’s no marvel she is probably the most highly effective Kunoichi on this planet. Due to Jiraiya and Naruto, Tsunade was capable of put her life heading in the right direction. She was the finest medical-nin in historical past and went on to guide Konoha because the fifth Hokage. She is the one feminine character to ever change into a Hokage within the sequence.

As a member of the legendary Sannins, Tsunade’s energy and energy had been recognized internationally. On account of her traumatic losses, Tsunade misplaced her manner however she turned her life round. Her character is extraordinarily well-written and is extraordinarily widespread amongst followers for her alluring magnificence. Subsequently, to today Tsunade stays on prime as the very best feminine character of Naruto.

2. Sakura Uchiha

An image of Sakura
Picture Courtesy – Naruto by Pierrot Animation Studios (Fandom)

As quickly as one hears Sakura’s identify, one can keep in mind the hate she was getting from all of the followers. However the tables have turned now as increasingly more followers are beginning to see Sakura’s character for actual. She was ranked third total within the Naruto world recognition ballot. And let me make it clear that she was ranked greater than Naruto, Sasuke, and properly, the record goes on.

It is a testomony to the very fact how Sakura’s character turned out. Her character certain had ups and downs however that’s what makes her an excellent practical feminine character total.

By way of energy, Sakura surpassed many and have become the strongest Kunoichi of her technology. She has a questionable character but that’s what made her who she is right this moment. Regardless of the poisonous hatred, she emerged as one of many lovable characters and is lastly getting the love she deserves. Thus, Sakura is among the finest feminine characters in Naruto and has the potential to change into the very best.

3. Hinata Uzumaki

An image of Hinata.
Picture Courtesy – Naruto by Pierrot Animation Studios (Fandom)

Hinata was born into the Hyuga clan and was thought to be a weak and unworthy clan member. However, Hinata labored onerous over time to hone her proficiency within the Mild Fist methodology, which she paired along with her superior Byakugan to additional improve her powers. She went on to show everybody incorrect along with her unbelievable talents. Moreover, Hamura Ōtsutsuki referred to Hinata because the “Byakugan Princess,” which is a exceptional achievement.

Aside from her powers, Hinata is cherished by all of the followers around the globe for her form character. When the villagers hated Naruto, Hinata was the one one who acknowledged him for who he was. She all the time cherished him from the beginning and expressed her emotions within the Ache arc. And like everybody wished, Hinata ended up marrying Naruto. Thus, an excellent kind-hearted feminine character like is unquestionably on our record.

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4. Kaguya Ōtsutsuki

An image of Kaguya.
Picture Courtesy – Naruto by Pierrot Animation Studios (Fandom)

Kaguya was the principle cause we get to see an enormous sequence of occasions in Naruto. She was a personality who aimed for peace greater than something and ended up being a villain. It’s just like the well-known Star Wars quote, “You had been purported to destroy them, Not be part of them.” Kaguya’s style of betrayal and shedding religion in humanity turned her right into a monster obsessive about energy. An incredible character like her needed to flip evil, properly, for the plot.

Earlier than turning right into a villain, Kaguya was a compassionate and sort character. This made her top-of-the-line feminine characters ever in Naruto. However that didn’t final lengthy when she switched sides in starvation for energy. Fortunately, her sons put an finish to her obsession with energy however that additionally didn’t cease her as she was one step forward of them by manifesting her will. She’s going to all the time be remembered as one of the highly effective villains in the entire anime universe.

5. Chiyo

An image of Chiyo.
Picture Courtesy – Naruto by Pierrot Animation Studios (Fandom)

Granny Chiyo was the grandmother of Sasori in Naturo and the counselor of the Village Hidden within the Sand. She was a widely known grasp puppeteer and a medical nin in her previous. Like an excellent elder, Granny Chiyo was a sensible character within the present. She was acknowledged as an knowledgeable in puppetry in addition to poisons. The truth that she was a revered and famed character in her village clearly exhibits how nice of a personality she was.

Chiyo was a loving and caring character, as she is seen with child Sasori. She longed to satisfy her grandson as soon as once more after he went rogue and joined the Akatsuki in Naruto. Even on this previous age, she assisted Sakura in fight in opposition to her grandson Sasori. In such a short time, Granny Chiyo made an influence in our hearts, and her sacrifice to revive Gaara will all the time be remembered by us.

6. Konan

An image of Konan.
Picture Courtesy – Naruto by Pierrot Animation Studios (Fandom)

On this war-torn shinobi world, Konan was a struggle orphan who later had the chance to be skilled by the Legendary Sannin, Jiraiya. She shortly rose to prominence as an Amegakure kunoichi and was a founding member of the Akatsuki. Konan is a personality who later descended into evil on account of tragic losses in her life.

Her inherent knack for an origami-inspired the event of her Paper Ninjutsu. Konan was dubbed the “Angel” for her “Dance of the Shikigami” transfer. It was exceptionally efficient because it reworked her total physique into sheets of paper that she may management at a whim. By way of character, Konan was a brilliant and sort child however modified after the losses she skilled. She become a sort of stoic however remained a loyal and fierce fighter of the Akatsuki.

7. Kushina Uzumaki

An image of Kushina.
Picture Courtesy – Naruto by Pierrot Animation Studios (Fandom)

Kushina Uzumaki is the wife of Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, and the mom of the protagonist Naruto. She descended from the highly effective Uzumaki clan in Naruto. Being a descendant of the Uzumaki clan, Kushina possessed immense quantity of chakra and life power. Kushina was additionally an knowledgeable in sealing jutsu. She was an unbelievable ninja similar to her son and husband.

Kushina has been a incredible character, despite the fact that she had a brief display screen time. Her extraordinary talents gained her kunoichi title and the admiration of the famend Sannin, Jiraiya. Primarily based on the little time, she seemed to be a very form and affectionate particular person. It’s a disgrace we didn’t see her full character. However undoubtedly, she is among the finest feminine characters in Naruto.

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8. Mei Terumi

An image of Mei.
Picture Courtesy – Naruto by Pierrot Animation Studios (Fandom)

Similar to Tsunade, Mei is among the strongest kunoichis now we have ever seen. She rose to the place of Mizukage along with her powers and was revered amongst her folks for fixing her nation. The truth that she grew to become a Mizukage is sufficient to show how highly effective she was throughout her time. Now, coming to her character, she is a sort and enthusiastic particular person like a well-wisher. Total, Mei is a good character despite the fact that she made a short look in Shippuden (see Naruto Shippuden fillers record right here).

9. Temari Nara

An image of Temari.
Picture Courtesy – Naruto by Pierrot Animation Studios (Fandom)

Temari was launched as extra of an antagonist at first however that every one turned the wrong way up by her beautiful efficiency. She is a robust kunoichi, a sibling of Gaara, and the daughter of the Fourth Kazekage. Temari got here off as a tough and tough character initially however revealed her form facet with Shikamaru. She has a tsundere character, which is cherished by the followers to this date. Temari will all the time be remembered for her energy and character for ages to return.

She is acknowledged as one of many extremely proficient Kunoichi of her technology as she went via rigorous coaching. Throughout the Kage Summit, she was chosen as a guard for the fifth Kazekage. And even now, after her marriage to Shikamaru, Temari is as robust and highly effective as ever, making her worthy of rating within the prime 10 finest feminine characters in Naruto.

10. Ino Yamanaka

An image of Ino.
Picture Courtesy – Naruto by Pierrot Animation Studios (Fandom)

Ino Yamanaka hails from the good Yamanaka clan and is a member of Workforce Asuma. She can also be a stronger member of this technology’s Ino–Shika–Chō. Ino has been a courageous character from the beginning as she defended her buddy Sakura from bullying. She stood up for her and years later that hasn’t modified as he’s extraordinarily loyal and fierce to face up for her buddies. Though being fairly earned her a large fanbase, Ino’s character and powers are vastly underrated.

Ino is now acknowledged to be the strongest member her clan has ever witnessed, and it was acknowledged by the seventh Hokage. Ino is a good feminine character with a daring character and possesses wonderful powers in Naruto.

11. Karin Uzumaki

An image of Karin.
Picture Courtesy – Naruto by Pierrot Animation Studios (Fandom)

When it was revealed that Karin was part of the Uzumaki clan in Naruto, we had been a bit stunned. She was the redhead who remained loyal to Orochimaru, and ultimately, Sasuke Uchiha. Karin was appointed because the Warden of one in every of Orochimaru’s hideouts. Her horrible historical past drove her to affix forces with him.

Nevertheless, being an Uzumaki, she possesses one of the highly effective life forces and chakra. After a while, she met Sasuke, with whom she fell in love and selected to affix his squad. That’s once we bought to see extra of her.

Karin is among the anime’s most clever and highly effective characters. Karin possessed a uncommon ability often called the “Thoughts’s Eye of the Kagura,” which enabled her to detect the chakra of others round her. She may additionally remedy herself by biting herself; her allies may do the identical. She proved her worth within the Fourth Nice Ninja Warfare with the Adamantine Sealing Chains. Total, Karin is a tsundere-type character who received our hearts in a technique or one other.

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12. Kurenai Yuhi

An image of Kurenai.
Picture Courtesy – Naruto by Pierrot Animation Studios (Fandom)

Kurenai Sarutobi used to guide Workforce 8 that includes Kiba, Hinata, and Aburame. She is among the finest feminine characters and sensei in Naruto, with a separate fan base. However what actually pulled everybody in is the truth that she is acknowledged as Konoha’s finest genjutsu person. Sure! it’s talked about to be on par with Itachi’s genjutsu powers, which is a tremendous feat. Because of this, everybody regards her as a terrific Kunoichi; even Itachi acknowledged her powers.

Kurenai is a courageous and fierce feminine character within the sequence. Even after shedding her husband Asuma, she raised their daughter Mirai properly as a single mother or father. The mom characters in Naruto maintain a particular place in our hear, and we couldn’t miss out on Kurenai sensei at any value.

13. Anko Mitarashi

An image of Anko.
Picture Courtesy – Naruto by Pierrot Animation Studios (Fandom)

Anko Mitarashi is an especially expert Kunoichi from Konoha. The truth that she was a disciple of the good Sannin Orochimaru is sufficient to show her may. She become a tokubetsu jōnin to show the following technology of scholars at Konoha’s academy.

She can also be a fearless and cussed character who’s highly effective on the identical time. Orochimaru was enthusiastic about her, and he took her underneath his wings to show her probably the most helpful strategies. She is well-known and revered among the many villagers and college students.

14. Tenten

An image of Tenten.
Picture Courtesy – Naruto by Pierrot Animation Studios (Fandom)

Tenten from Workforce Man is a memorable feminine character in Naruto. Though she didn’t get sufficient display screen time like her buddies, she continues to be a robust character excelling along with her character. She aspired to change into a legendary feminine character like Tsunade however lacked the ability to tug it off. However that didn’t cease her from turning into a succesful Kunoichi.

She gave up on medical-nin and immediately acknowledged her expertise for weapons and her mastery over sealing jutsu. With these powers, she was nice assist in the course of the Fourth Nice Ninja Warfare, which received’t be forgotten. Her enthusiastic and assured angle makes her top-of-the-line feminine characters in Naruto.

15. Karui Akimichi

An image of Karui.
Picture Courtesy – Naruto by Pierrot Animation Studios (Fandom)

Karui was a Kunoichi from the Village Hidden within the Clouds who was launched within the Naruto Shippuden anime. She got here off as a daring and cussed character and went to the lengths of beating Naruto (primarily because of her rage). She isn’t probably the most highly effective character within the sequence however nonetheless a robust Kunoichi. Furthermore, don’t neglect the truth that she was skilled by Killer B (jinchuriki of the Eight-Tails). Now that she has married Choji, she resides a peaceable life in Konoha together with his husband and daughter.

Ceaselessly Requested Questions

Who’s the very best feminine character in Naruto?

Tsunade is the one of many strongest and finest feminine characters in Naruto. Nevertheless, Sakura and Hinata do come near her when it comes to energy and skills.

Which woman cherished Naruto?

Hinata Hyuga is the woman who has all the time cherished Naruto secretly proper from the beginning. And now, within the Boruto anime sequence, these two are fortunately married along with children. You possibly can take a look at the Boruto fillers record proper right here.

Who’s the neatest woman in Naruto?

In our opinion, Tsunade (the fifth Hokage of the Leaf Village) is the neatest woman in Naruto, adopted by Sakura.

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