15 Best Anime Cats in 2023 (Ranked)

Cats are heart-stealers in actual life and maintain a particular place within the hearts of anime followers as effectively. Even in case you are probably not a pet lover, likelihood is excessive that these feline creatures can immediately make you fall in love with their kawaii character, distinctive skills, and personalities. There have been a variety of cat characters in lots of common animes like Dragon Ball, One Piece, and many others. These characters come within the type of supporting characters and even the principle character, charming anime followers worldwide. So as we speak, now we have compiled an inventory of the perfect anime cats and what makes them memorable.

Simply kidding! All cats are good and distinctive in their very own means, and there’s no strategy to rank them. So, learn on and be taught concerning the 15 finest feline characters within the anime world.

1. Korin – Dragon Ball

Earlier than Dying Be aware grew to become an entry level into the anime world for a lot of, Dragon Ball was the primary anime for a lot of OG followers. It launched us to the world of anime and an immortal cat named Korin. Korin is an 800 years outdated clever cat within the Dragon Ball universe. He’s also referred to as Karin and is a grasp of martial arts. He’s excellently expert in martial arts and is hailed as “The God of Martial Arts” within the anime.

A enjoyable reality about this anime cat is that the creator Akira Toriyama used his personal cat for Korin’s character design. He drew him when his cat was sleeping, and that’s the explanation Korin’s eyes are all the time closed. It’s such a cute little proven fact that brings soul to Korin’s character. He additionally served as a significant supporting character, coaching our warrior Goku from the start.

2. Luna and Artemis – Sailor Moon

15 Best Anime Cats (Ranked)

Sailor Moon is one other traditional anime that was an enormous hit amongst followers, particularly the feminine fanbase. And clearly, this anime featured not only one iconic cat however three of them. At first, we had solely Luna and Artemis, who aren’t truly typical cats as they’re aliens from one other planet with cat-like our bodies. Everyone knows the favored catchphrase that cats are aliens, and that matches completely on this state of affairs.

Luna and Artemis have the looks of a typical black and white cat in Sailor Moon, respectively. They’ve a crescent moon image on their brow. Additional, their names are derived from the moon goddesses of Greek and Roman mythologies. Collectively, they carry a bit kitten named Diana to their household later within the present. Luna and Artemis are thought-about just like the North Star for his or her respective homeowners, as they lead their life as advisors. This Neko household has been adored by anime followers for many years.

3. Kyo Sohma – Fruits Basket

15 Best Anime Cats (Ranked)

Kyo Sohma isn’t truly a cat, however he’s a human cursed by the cat spirit within the Fruits Basket anime. This anime offers with fantasy themes and relies on Chinese language zodiac indicators. Within the story, when a human of the alternative intercourse hugs the cursed human, they remodel into their spirit animal. That’s how Kyo will get remodeled into an orange cat quite a few occasions within the anime. In his human kind, Kyo positive has some distinct traits (primarily his orange hair colour) and the attributes of a cat.

Fruits Basket is an excellent healthful anime overflowing with stunning feelings, however honest warning, it may well break your coronary heart immediately too. Don’t fear, although, as they patch the damaged coronary heart with healthful moments again once more. Kyo is a extremely common character within the fandom, and we are able to’t miss out on him in our listing of finest anime cats.

4. Doraemon – Doraemon

15 Best Anime Cats (Ranked)

The one cat who has his identify because the title of the anime present and has been ruling the hearts of tens of millions of followers for years is Doraemon. Despite the fact that Doraemon is a child’s anime, it gained huge reputation from the beginning. However even adults these days are likely to rewatch this anime to really feel the nostalgia. Moreover, its reputation skyrocketed when it was dubbed and launched in international areas like India, Bangladesh, and many others. Thus, Doraemon is an irreplaceable legendary determine within the historical past of anime.

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Doraemon is a robotic cat who was despatched again in time from the longer term to the proprietor’s great-great-grandfather, Nobita Nobi. It was primarily despatched to assist Nobita grow to be a terrific individual in his life. This cat with a gadget pouch is blue in colour primarily. However his face and abdomen are lined in white colour. Doraemon has been a fan favourite for years and nonetheless continues to entertain youngsters to this present day. Doraemon will proceed his entertaining journey for generations to come back and is inarguably top-of-the-line anime cats.

5. Nekomamushi – One Piece

15 Best Anime Cats (Ranked)

Nekomamushi is working riots all around the raid on Onigashima within the latest episodes of One Piece. He’s a feline-type character from the Minks race, very similar to Carrot, who is likely one of the finest feminine characters in One Piece. Grasp Nekomamushi is extensively referred to as the “Ruler of Evening,” as he dominated over the Mokomo Dukedom at night time. He is likely one of the 9 Pink Scabbards, who’re the retainers of the Kozuki household.

Nekomamushi is a big yellow feline who primarily resembles a wild cat with the traits of a lion, particularly in his face. He has sharp claws and tooth and laughs in a particular tone. He’s one of many common characters in One Piece proper now, as he could be seen serving to the Straw Hat Pirates within the vital raid in opposition to Kaido and Large Mother. Nekomamushi shouldn’t be a standard cat like some others on this listing. He can speak and battle on a terrific degree, making him the right instance of a primary supporting character.

6. Kuro – Blue Exorcist

15 Best Anime Cats (Ranked)

The Ao no Exorcist anime sequence, popularly referred to as Blue Exorcist, offers with ideas like demons and exorcisms like Jujutsu Kaisen, so you’ll be able to just about guess the kind of cat now we have right here. On this anime, the cat named Kuro is a Cat Sídhe (cats possessed by demons). He’s a black cat with a bit little bit of white on his chest and chocolate-esque brown accents on his face. Kuro additionally has two tails, not like some other cat on our listing, and that two tails design is taken into account sacred by the Japanese.

Kuro is a vibrant cat who’s all the time seen with the lead Rin Okumura and likes to sleep on his again. As he’s a Cat Sídhe, he can remodel right into a nekomata (large Demon cat), which immensely boosts his energy and the powers he possesses. He is likely one of the most original cat characters on our listing.

7. Arthur – Code Geass

15 Best Anime Cats (Ranked)

Code Geass is likely one of the biggest anime to be ever created, and naturally, it has a cat character to say that standing (simply kidding!). Arthur is the identify of the black cat that exhibits up in quite a few cases within the Code Geass anime. Though the cat has a male identify, it was formally confirmed on Twitter that Arthur is definitely a feminine. Many mistakenly thought-about her a male as a result of her identify.

Arthur is a black stray cat who was adopted by the Third Princess Euphemia. Later, she was seen on the college grounds as she moved right here. She is extra of a comic book aid character, as she could be seen carrying Lelouch’s masks, biting Suzaku randomly, and so forth. Not like most of the different cats on this listing, he doesn’t have any energy or magical skills, he’s only a cute Neko.

8. Kuroneko – Trigun

15 Best Anime Cats (Ranked)

Trigun is likely one of the OG traditional animes, which can eternally reside within the hearts of anime followers. Lately, it has acquired a large overhaul within the type of a remake referred to as Trigun Stampede. Now, coming to the subject at hand, Kuroneko is a black cat that randomly seems in nearly each episode of the anime. She known as Kuroneko-sama, which accurately means Mr. Black Cat, by the characters within the present.

Kuroneko is much like Sakamoto in our listing (examine them under), however he has a mouth. Though more often than not, he merely seems within the background, he performed a significant position within the plot at occasions, reminiscent of when he stopped Wolfwood from dishonest in a sport of chess.

9. Jiji, Lily, Baron, and Nekobasu – Ghibli Cats

15 Best Anime Cats (Ranked)

Ghibli Studios’ tasks have all the time been particular in relation to the artwork fashion, characters, and story. So, who wouldn’t like to find out about the perfect anime cats from one of many genius studios in Japan? Listed here are 4 cats from the Ghibli motion pictures:

  • Jiji and Lily from Kiki’s Supply Service: Jiji is the protagonist Kiki’s cat. He helps Kiki in her laborious coaching to grow to be a witch. He has a girlfriend as effectively, named Lily, who he meets within the anime. It was revealed later within the credit that they each had a lot of kittens collectively.
  • Baron from Whisper of the Coronary heart and The Cat Returns: Baron Humbert von Gikkingen, higher referred to as “The Baron,” is the principle character in each of those Ghibli motion pictures. He’s a cat however possesses the traits and attributes of a human, making him an anthropomorphic cat. He’s a statue by day and involves life at night time.
  • Nekobasu from My Neighbour Totoro: Neko means Cat, and basu means Bus in Japanese slang. Thus, nekobasu collectively means “Cat Bus.” This gigantic cat was seen within the type of a bus serving to Mei and Satsuki. The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland is claimed to be remarkably much like this character.
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10. Meowth – Pokémon

15 Best Anime Cats (Ranked)

We wager nobody can overlook Staff Rocket from the Pokemon sequence, an enormous a part of our childhoods. Meowth was one of many members of Staff Rocket, alongside Jessie and James, and all the time made us snort. He’s so common within the fandom that even an individual who hasn’t watched the Pokemon sequence can simply acknowledge him. Furthermore, he is likely one of the speaking feline characters now we have on our listing.

Actually, he’s thought-about the solely speaking Pokemon who can converse to his homeowners in their very own language. That’s what makes his character so distinctive. Additional, in the event you didn’t already know, Meowth resembles the maneki-neko (a well-known cat figurine in Japan). He’s the mind behind Staff Rocket and has captivated followers all around the world.

11. Sakamoto – Nichijou

15 Best Anime Cats (Ranked)

Nichijou (My Strange Life) is likely one of the most highly-rated slice-of-life anime and is widely known by followers worldwide. And a black cat named Sakamoto seems on this anime. Attributable to his earlier proprietor’s dangerous habits, Sakamoto escaped and was discovered on the streets by Hakase (one of many primary characters). Quickly, he was adopted by Nano and Hakase and bought his deserving house.

Sakamoto is claimed to be older than each of his present homeowners. Hakase made him a crimson scarf and tied it round his neck, which by some means gave him a superpower that enabled him to speak. He’s one other one of many best-talking anime cats on our listing.

Sakamoto could seem like an harmless and quiet kitty, however he’s greater than that. Since he can speak, he considers himself superior and acts like one round Hakase and Nano. He likes to be referred to as “Sakamoto-san,” which additional proves his superiority over others. However he will also be seen enjoying with toys like a standard cat, which he hides from his homeowners.

12. Chachamaru – Demon Slayer

15 Best Anime Cats (Ranked)

With Demon Slayer season 3 quick approaching, we have to discuss this beautiful hero named Chachamaru within the anime. It might need gone unnoticed by many followers, however we’re right here to remind you that it is likely one of the finest anime cats now we have right here on our listing. Keep in mind the extremely expert demon physician named Tamayo, who is a crucial ally to our hero Tanjiro. Yeah, Chachamaru mainly works for her and helps in her analysis with Demon Blood.

Chachamru is well-trained to hold out his medical duties. It’s a tricolored cat, and thus, it belongs to the calico cat household. We’ve got seen Chachamru serving to Tamayo and Tanjiro gather demon blood to assist Nezuko flip right into a human. There may be not a lot data obtainable about its household, previous, or gender. However most calico cats are thought-about to be females, so there’s a excessive likelihood that Chachamaru is a feminine cat.

13. Nyanko-sensei – Natsume’s E book of Buddies

15 Best Anime Cats (Ranked)

All of us bear in mind the terrifying Madara from the Uchiha clan in Naruto, however here’s a cute cat named Madara (aka Nyanko-sensei) from the anime Natsume’s E book of Buddies. As calm and peaceable as he appears to be like, he’s a robust white wolf youkai who can fly as effectively. He commonly takes the type of a maneki-neko. This youkai kind can’t be seen by individuals who don’t have any religious vitality. So within the eyes of many, he is an easy spherical cat.

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Madara is a chonky kawaii anime cat that resembles the design of maneki-neko, and he’s thought-about to convey luck. He’s additionally scarily highly effective in his unique youkai kind, having many powers reminiscent of flying, superhuman energy, and extra. At present, he’s working as Natsume’s bodyguard within the hope of getting the E book of Buddies again.

14. Chi Yamada – Chi’s Candy Residence

15 Best Anime Cats (Ranked)

Whereas the opposite anime on this listing had cats as extra of a supporting character, Chi’s Candy Residence breaks all the principles by holding the cat because the lead protagonist. Chi Yamada is our beloved lead right here, a stray kitten who misplaced her mother. However fortunately, she bought a brand new household as she was taken in by the Yamada household. The residence the place they lived had a strict “no pets allowed” rule, however the Yamada household nonetheless took her in, which exhibits how a lot they liked her.

Chi is a gray cat who has stripes like a mackerel fish round her. She is so loving and all the time goes on an journey out on the planet. She generally is a little loud and cussed, however she is lovable. Though the anime has 100+ episodes, all of them have a runtime of solely 3 minutes, to allow them to be binged shortly to witness the cuteness of Chi.

15. Sorata – Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

15 Best Anime Cats (Ranked)

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi (aka World’s Best First Love) is likely one of the finest BL anime to launch within the final decade. Within the anime, there’s a cute little double-colored cat referred to as Sorata. Sorata was deserted by his household and left in an alley inside a small field. On a wet day, our protagonist Masamune Takano rescued this poor little Nekowhile he was in highschool and began elevating him. Lastly, this cute cat bought the love he deserved and was full-grown within the subsequent 10 years. He was additionally raised by Takafumi Yokozawa, Takano’s ex-lover.

Yokozowa supplied Sorata to Hiyori Kirishima as a result of she had lengthy desired a cat, however as his workload elevated, he had to take action. Sorata is at present having his most interesting life and has all the time been in good fingers. In an anniversary interview, it was found that Sorata can learn – similar to the remainder of us – and that non-fiction is his most popular style.

Incessantly Requested Questions

Why is anime obsessive about cats?

Cats are sometimes considered a fortunate signal and identified to convey luck in Japanese folklore. They’re additionally thought to have some powers. Due to this, cats are extremely valued in Japan and thus seem in lots of anime.

What anime has a flying cat?

There are numerous animes through which the cat has the flexibility to fly, however the preferred cat amongst them is Glad from the well-known anime Fairy Tail.

Who’s the perfect cat in anime?

Each cat character now we have seen in anime is gorgeous and distinctive in its personal fashion, so it’s tough to decide on the perfect cat in anime. So, ultimately, every part boils down to non-public alternative. However we are able to’t overlook Doraemon, Kuro (Blue Exorcist), and Kyo (Fruits Basket), to call a number of.

Best Cats in Anime Exhibits

And that concludes our listing of the perfect anime cats who’ve entertained us and made us fall in love with all of them these years. We hope you had been capable of finding a few of your favorites in addition to different well-known anime cats on our listing right here. We’ll replace this listing if a charming new Neko character seems in an anime within the close to future. Furthermore, now we have tried to incorporate all the favored cat characters on our listing, however in the event you imagine that now we have disregarded any lovable kitties, be happy to tell us within the feedback under. Additionally, tell us about your favourite cat characters in anime within the feedback part.

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