15 Best One Piece Arcs in 2023 (Ranked)

Within the historical past of manga and anime, One Piece is greater than a profitable voyage. The success of One Piece will be attributed to a various set of parts, together with its characters, world-building, and charming story. Mangaka Eiichiro Oda has masterfully crafted the story, the place every arc contributes considerably to the overarching plot. That’s why One Piece continues to fascinate followers even after 20 years. Although you might watch all of the One Piece arcs so as, there are some arcs which have exceeded our expectations and stand out as a few of the finest within the anime collection. That stated, it’s time to take a look at the 15 finest One Piece arcs thus far and see the place your favourite arc ranks. So, preserve studying to find the very best moments on this epic pirate journey.

Greatest Arcs in One Piece (2023)

Spoiler Warning: This text comprises spoilers concerning the story and characters of One Piece. We propose you watch the anime or learn the manga first to keep away from ruining the supposed expertise.

1. Marineford Struggle

Picture Courtesy – One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (IMDB)
  • Saga: Summit Struggle Saga
  • Episodes: 457-489
  • Manga Chapters: 550-580

As Homelander from Prime Video’s TV collection The Boys says, “I received to inform you, it was good. Excellent. Every part, all the way down to the last-minute particulars.” Nicely, that was the response of the entire One Piece fandom after watching the Marineford Struggle arc. It was certainly one of the simplest ways to wrap up the primary half of One Piece. Additionally, this arc completely laid the bottom for the second-half saga.

A 30-chapter rescue mission to save lots of Ace had every little thing a die-hard Shonen fan might ask for. This isn’t simply the very best arc in One Piece however can also be thought-about the best arc in anime historical past, alongside the Chimera Ant Arc from Hunter x Hunter.

After a decade of patiently constructing out the world and establishing the characters, the Marineford Struggle arc was nothing however the fruits of the primary half of One Piece. An all-out conflict between our favourite characters and the scariest antagonists, adopted by the sudden entry of Shanks to cease the conflict. There have been no Straw Hat Pirates besides Luffy seen on this arc, and nonetheless, it’s thought-about the very best arc by many.

Whereas Luffy showcased his powers, Oyaji Whitebeard was the show-stealer of this arc, as we talked about in our strongest Satan Fruits article. One Piece peaked on this arc, and thus, it’s most likely the very best one till the Wano Nation arc reaches its conclusion within the anime.

2. Wano Nation (All Acts)

An image of Wano arc's art.
Picture Courtesy – One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Twitter)
  • Saga: Wano Nation Saga
  • Episodes: 890-894, 897-906, 908-1028, 1031-ongoing
  • Manga Chapters: 909-1057

The Wano Nation arc is the newest arc presently ongoing within the anime, but it surely lately ended within the manga. Beating the Dressroga saga, it earned the longest saga title with 148 chapters and 140+ episodes. The Wano Nation arc was divided into a number of acts and was completely arrange in the correct order to raise the additional acts.

The story takes place in an historical Japanese setting involving samurais. Thus, the artwork fashion of the anime was particularly modified to swimsuit the entire temper of this arc. As this story arc has ended within the manga, we consider it has the potential to develop into the very best arc in One Piece beating the Marineford arc.

This arc featured the untold story of the Wano Nation. Right here, the Straw Hat Pirates helped the samurai by planning a raid and executing it on Onigashima (presently airing within the anime). Moreover, it additionally featured the gorgeous backstories of Oden with Roger and Whitebeard. The lifetime of Oden was a spectacular story, and it was amazingly related with the principle tales of One Piece.

Extra importantly, every member of the Straw Hat Pirates went towards a formidable opponent and emerged victorious, giving us an opportunity to witness their development. Additionally, Legislation and Child stole the present with their magnificent powers. Lastly, we all know that Luffy’s gear 5 shall be animated quickly, and properly, that’s going to interrupt the web. However proper now, the Wano Nation arc ranks second on our record.

3. Enies Foyer Arc

An image of Nico Robin in Enies Lobby arc.
Picture Courtesy – One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Twitter)
  • Saga: Water 7 Saga
  • Episodes: 264-290, 293-302, 304-312
  • Manga Chapters: 375-430

Earlier than Wano and Marineford, the Enies Foyer arc was thought-about one of many high arcs in One Piece. The Water 7 arc, which got here earlier than it, acted as the primary act and laid the inspiration for the Enies Foyer arc in an intriguing method. In consequence, the hype for this arc was sky-high, and it actually lived as much as and even far exceeded the fan expectations. This arc confirmed us how every Straw Hats member cared for his or her nakama (crewmate) and the lengths they’d go to save lots of them. It additionally make clear the Ohara nation and its folks, the place we discovered concerning the Void century for the primary time.

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This was the primary time Straw Hats went on a rampage towards one of many vital strongholds of the World Authorities. The scene the place Usopp, no! Soge King units the World Authorities’s flag on hearth is without doubt one of the iconic scenes and can without end stay within the minds of One Piece followers rent-free. They freely declared conflict towards the World Authorities to save lots of their good friend and succeeded within the mission. As if Straw Hats going towards the CP9 members wasn’t unbelievable sufficient, the arc concluded with a mighty struggle between Luffy and Rob Lucci.

4. Entire Cake Island

An image of Sanji in WCI arc.
Picture Courtesy – One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (IMDB)
  • Saga: Entire Cake Island Saga
  • Episodes: 783-877
  • Manga Chapters: 825-902

One arc after one other, the Straw Hats attain a wierd island and find yourself having the very best journey of their lives. However this time, they invade the house turf of Large Mother, one of many Emperors of the ocean, to rescue Sanji. This grew to become among the best arcs and was celebrated amongst One Piece followers. It was an exciting journey to witness the Straw Hat Pirates go towards Large Mother, and Soul King Brook emerged because the MVP of this arc in an sudden manner.

The Entire Cake Island arc included many stunning moments such because the Luffy vs Sanji struggle, stealing a duplicate of the poneglyph, and Sanji’s backstory. Whereas we thought Sanji’s backstory was accomplished within the Baratie arc, Oda shocked us with extra info on this childhood. The ultimate act included Luffy vs Katakuri and the crew escaping Large Mother’s wrath after they ruined Sanji’s marriage ceremony to her daughter Charlotte Pudding (one of many common feminine characters in One Piece). This arc was completely enjoyable and riveting to look at.

5. Arlong Park

An image of the Straw Hats in Arlong Park arc.
Picture Courtesy – One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Crunchyroll)
  • Saga: East Blue Saga 
  • Episodes: 31-44
  • Manga Chapters: 69-95

If there was one scene that had followers glued to their screens, it was the enduring Arlong Park Stroll scene in One Piece. This was the primary scene the place One Piece peaked with the Straw Hats and confirmed the true nature of the present. This arc had an ideal story about Nami attempting to purchase her village again from Arlong, together with the tragic previous of her mom getting killed by the Arlong Pirates. In the long run, as common, the Straw Hat Pirates got here to the rescue! The Arlong Park arc featured loopy good fights to earn again Nami and her village.

To today, many have claimed that Arlong Park is the arc that made them closely invested within the present. Whereas One Piece was all about enjoyable and tomfoolery, this arc was the true deal. One Piece gained an infinite fan following due to this arc.

6. Sabaody Archipelago

An image of Luffy in Sabaody arc.
Picture Courtesy – One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Fandom)
  • Saga: Summit Struggle Saga
  • Episodes: 385-405
  • Manga Chapters: 490-513

The Sabaody Archipelago arc solely had 20 episodes, but it impressed the followers inside such a brief span and storyline. The darkish king Silvers Rayleigh made his entry on this very arc, and there have been numerous revelations all through the arc. The parallels between Roger and Luffy and Shanks mentioning Luffy to Rayleigh had been all so healthful to look at. Nevertheless it had one of many, if not probably the most satisfying moments within the One Piece collection, which is Luffy punching the Celestial Dragon. Nicely, that scene was impeccable and captivated followers, making this among the best arcs in One Piece.

Aside from these moments, the Straw Hats struggling towards the Pacifista and getting despatched to totally different locations as they couldn’t do something was the excessive level of this arc. That confirmed the distinction in energy ranges in One Piece and made the crew understand they wanted to develop into rather a lot stronger. The Sabaody Archipelago arc served as a turning level within the present.

7. Dressrosa

An image of the Straw Hats in Dressrosa arc.
Picture Courtesy – One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Twitter)
  • Saga: Dressrosa Saga
  • Episodes: 629-746
  • Manga Chapters: 700-801

Earlier than the Wano arc, the Dressrosa arc was thought-about the longest arc within the present. Though the pacing was gradual, the weather of this arc completely made the followers overlook that reality. Right here, the Straw Hats had been towards Doflamingo, who had a tyrannical rule on Dressrosa Island. As enjoyable and colourful because it appeared at the start, the story of this arc was fairly grim, as we noticed people being brainwashed and became toy slaves.

The Straw Hats, together with Legislation, had been completely spectacular of their particular person battles. Furthermore, this arc additionally marked the start of God Usopp. Luffy’s struggle towards Doflamingo was on one other stage as properly. Fujitora’s heartfelt message of his impression of Luffy, together with the Straw Hat changing into a Straw Hat grand fleet, was worth the prolonged plotline. This arc was totally spectacular from the begin to the top. And with Sabo’s reintroduction, it grew to become among the best arcs in One Piece.

8. Water 7

An image of Luffy and Franky in Water 7 arc.
Picture Courtesy – One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Twitter)
  • Saga: Water 7 Saga
  • Episodes: 229-263
  • Manga Chapters: 322-374

The Water 7 arc was a easy journey on the water-based island. It launched us to loads of new characters, and as we talked about earlier, it flawlessly set the plot for the Enies Foyer arc in One Piece. The second that impressed followers probably the most on this arc was when Usopp stood up for Going Merry, which precipitated a rupture between him and Luffy. This resulted within the gut-wrenching Luffy vs Usopp struggle, and it was heartbreaking in the long run.

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Furthermore, the arc had an impressive story with the CP9 members disguising themselves as shipwright employees and kidnapping Nico Robin on the finish. What began as a enjoyable arc turned fairly severe and can all the time be recalled by followers for its fights and plotline.

9. Zou Arc

An of the Straw Hats in the Zou arc.
Picture Courtesy – One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Twitter)
  • Saga: Entire Cake Island Saga
  • Episodes: 751-779
  • Manga Chapters: 802-824

Although the Zou arc is a mini-arc, it left an enormous impression on One Piece followers with its restricted display screen time. The truth that an island is positioned on high of an enormous shifting elephant certain sounded fairly loopy, and the creativity of creator Oda was unleashed there. Once more, there have been loads of new characters launched right here with recent character designs. Plus, the principle story related with the Wano nation arc brilliantly.

The loyalty of the Mink tribe when Jack of the Beast Pirates questioned them and the entire nation mendacity to save lots of their good friend was a top-tier plot twist within the present. Furthermore, the information about Street Poneglyphs and Oden had been established clearly, solely including to the hype for the Wano arc again then. It was a brief arc, but it gave us tons of knowledge with a tremendous plot. So undoubtedly, Zou deserves a spot on our record of finest arcs in One Piece.

10. Arabasta

An image of the Straw Hats in Arabasta arc.
Picture Courtesy – One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Crunchyroll)
  • Saga: Arabasta Saga
  • Episodes: 92-130
  • Manga Chapters: 155-217

The Arabasta arc was the primary huge arc we encountered in One Piece, and it was worth each minute. Following the occasions of Whiskey Peak and Drum Island Kingdom arc, the Straw Hat Pirates visited the Arabasta Kingdom to assist Vivi save her nation from the evil rule of Crocodile. It was additionally the first arc the place we met Ace, and this made it much more memorable. The arc had an ideal story with superb fights and a lovely ending to wrap it up.

Every Straw Hat member was combating towards daunting opponents and there was an all-out conflict within the nation, so it was troublesome to seek out out what would occur in the long run. However, Crocodile was a formidable villain who made Luffy style bittersweet defeat twice, which allowed Luffy to develop and take him out of their ultimate conflict. And whereas all of us thought Vivi would develop into a member of the Straw Hats, the dream was ruined on the finish. Nonetheless, we received compensated by a lovely farewell between the members, and it was a contented tear-jerker.

11. Impel Down

An image of Luffy and Buggy in Impel Down arc.
Picture Courtesy – One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Fandom)
  • Saga: Summit Struggle Saga
  • Episodes: 422-425, 430-452
  • Manga Chapters: 525-549

By no means in our goals did we predict that we might see a Jail Break-esque arc in One Piece. However Oda shocked us but once more. On this arc, Luffy snuck contained in the extremely secured Impel Down jail with the assistance of Boa Hancock with a purpose to save his brother Ace. In a collection of loopy occasions that observe, he finally ends up with Buggy and different new characters. All of them attempt to escape the jail amidst the chaos inside.

Moreover, it had two eccentric and humorous antagonists who had been as highly effective because the Wardens. And it was on this arc that Blackbeard made his entry to recruit vile prisoners as his crew members. You possibly can learn all concerning the members of the Blackbeard Pirates proper right here.

Proper earlier than the Marineford conflict, this arc was entertaining in its personal proper. The Impel Down arc was additionally balanced by way of motion and comedy, which was a deal with for followers. Bon-chan, Luffy, and Buggy’s performances made this among the best arcs.

12. Skypiea

An image of the Straw Hats in Skypiea arc.
Picture Courtesy – One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Twitter)
  • Saga: Sky Island Saga
  • Episodes: 153-195
  • Manga Chapters: 237-302

The Skypiea arc is undoubtedly among the best arcs within the manga, but it surely was fairly stretched out within the anime. That’s the explanation the complete fandom splits into two in relation to Skypiea. Nonetheless, it’s nonetheless celebrated as an ideal arc within the hearts of many. This arc had a god-like villain, a visit to the sky, and by no means seen earlier than Straw Hat adventures.

The story of this arc options the conflict between the God Enel, Shandians, and the Skypiea folks. However what made it extra enthralling was its connection to Mont Blanc Noland’s story and Jaya. It’s a story of a lovely friendship, together with the Straw Hats partying on the finish. A number of connections are being drawn between this and the Wano Nation arc, which exhibits the true goodness of this arc.

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13. Levely/Reverie

An image of Imu in Levely arc.
Picture Courtesy – One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Crunchyroll)
  • Saga: Entire Cake Island Saga
  • Episodes: 878-889
  • Manga Chapters: 903-908

If there’s an arc that was quick but created quite a few mysteries which can be left unanswered to today, it must be the Levely arc. Proper after the WCI arc, we see the newly up to date bounties of One Piece‘s beloved Straw Hat pirates and a gathering of the kings on the holy land. After a very long time, we meet Princesses Vivi, Shirahoshi, and Rebecca on the identical time. However this is without doubt one of the finest arcs due to all of the mysteries it created. That features the introduction of Im, an enormous Straw Hat, and Shanks assembly the 5 elders.

To be trustworthy, we had been greater than flabbergasted at this level after seeing all these new mysteries lining up. Oda has all the time been a grasp of making mysteries and unraveling them later, and this arc matches proper in. We hope to get the solutions to those underlying mysteries quickly.

14. Return to Sabaody

An image of Luffy in the return to sabaody arc.
Picture Courtesy – One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Crunchyroll)
  • Saga: Fish-Man Island Saga
  • Episodes: 517-522
  • Manga Chapters: 598-602

The Return to Sabaody arc was one other exemplary mini-arc that did wonders regardless of its quick span. With solely 5 episodes, it launched us to the Straw Hats reuniting after a time skip. To make issues much more enjoyable, the faux Straw Hats had been hilarious. However when issues began to get severe, the Straw Hats had been in a position to flex their powers and showcase their power as a crew.

An entire overhaul of the Straw Hats’ powers was performed after the time skip, and the reintroduction was portrayed completely on this arc. The primary time they visited Sabaody, they had been fully obliterated. Nonetheless, this arc confirmed how a lot they’ve modified. Thus, Return to Sabaody was one other memorable arc that received’t go away our minds.

15. Publish-Struggle

15 Best One Piece Arcs (Ranked)
Picture Courtesy – One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Fandom)
  • Saga: Summit Struggle Saga
  • Episodes: 490-491, 493-516
  • Manga Chapters: 581-597

The Publish-Struggle arc of One Piece was heartbreakingly lovely, giving us consolation prior to now of Luffy, Ace, and Sabo. Luffy’s childhood was so candy to look at that it made Ace’s dying tougher on the followers. So as to add extra gas to the hearth, Sabo’s dying was certainly heartbreaking as properly. Luffy’s manner of grieving his brother’s dying later made him stronger, as he underwent coaching with Rayleigh and discovered all concerning the true powers of Haki.

Later, the man Straw Hats all discovered about Luffy’s tragedy and determined to coach earlier than assembly up after the time skip. In the long run, Publish-Struggle arc felt like a good hug for followers after the occasions of the Marineford conflict. The rewatch issue of Luffy’s backstory makes this among the best arcs in One Piece.

Bonus: Egghead Arc

15 Best One Piece Arcs (Ranked)
Picture Courtesy – One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Fandom)
  • Saga: Remaining Saga
  • Episodes: TBD
  • Manga Chapters: 1058-ongoing

For One Piece manga readers, you realize what we’re speaking about right here. However for anime-only followers, that is huge information. Sure, after the legendary Wano Nation arc, we’re getting one other main contender for the very best arc in One Piece. The Egghead arc is stuffed with motion, however surprisingly, it additionally reveals a few of the followers’ most unanswered questions. So, get able to expertise two superb arcs again to again.

Often Requested Questions

What’s the well-known arc in One Piece?

Marineford arc is probably the most well-known arc in One Piece, as it’s celebrated by anime followers as one of many best arcs within the historical past of all time.

What’s the largest arc in One Piece?

Beforehand, the Dressrosa arc was counted as the most important arc in One Piece. However now, the Wano Nation arc has managed to beat it and develop into the most important and longest arc within the historical past of One Piece.

What are the highest 3 arcs in One Piece?

On the subject of the highest 3 arcs, all of it comes down to non-public choice on the finish of the day. For us, the Marineford arc, the Wano Nation arc, and the Enies foyer are the highest three arcs in One Piece.

Fan Favourite Arcs in One Piece

With 32 story arcs beneath its belt, One Piece has been charming audiences for years and is taken into account one of many best anime collection of all time. Now we have compiled an inventory of the preferred arcs in One Piece, as chosen by followers however with a contact of private choice. Our record showcases the very best of what One Piece has to supply, and we hope you agree with our rating.

Additional, because the story’s finish attracts nearer, we are able to count on much more cool arcs to be added to the record within the coming years. That stated, when you’re a fan of One Piece, tell us your favourite arc within the feedback beneath! Additionally, when you suppose we’ve skipped a serious arc, tell us, and we are going to replace our record.

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